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Claimed:Hitting His Stride?

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Getting Hot At The Right Moment?




Is it time that we can officially say that Davey Jones is actually making himself well known around the league? Outside of the fact that he won the rookie of the year award last season, but now he is leading the league currently in points per game. With him having 50 points in 26 games, that is actually quite impressive for the 2nd year pro. At his current pace, Davey is looking to top over 100 points. He might even make a push for 150 points depending on how the next 47 games go. All that we know right now is that Davey is one of the hottest players in the league and playing on the 2nd line for the Davos Dynamo has really paid it's dues to Davey. Last year he amassed just over 80 points. Of course he was on the Cologne Express then and it seems that they don't really have the talent of the Dynamo. Despite some of the Express players busting their tail for that club, it just seemed like the Dynamo had the slight edge over them. This was being said after Davey helped the Express knock the Dynamo out of the playoffs.


The Dynamo have been one of the biggest surprises this season after acquiring Davey from Cologne in the off-season. GM Joey Kendrick is a stand-up guy and he really knows what he is doing when it comes to managing a team. He had problems trying to bring in talent and that is the main cause believed to be the deciding factor for Davey wanting to leave. Ever since coming to the Dynamo, Davey has been working extra hours practicing his game and during the off-season, it's almost like he never left the practice facility. Davey would show up at about the same time the sun would rise and he wouldn't leave until the sun had already set. He was there everyday and he rarely ever was seen in other places.




At the start of the 36th season of the VHL, Davey was kind of hoping that he would just be a key contributor to this team and help them win a few more games. To his surprise, as the season started to go on even more, he actually surprised himself when the Dynamo started winning games by the handful. It was at that moment that Davey knew that he was the missing piece in the equation for this Dynamo team. Of course the free agent acquisition of Odin Tordahl has been a huge piece for this team as well. He currently is on the first line with Sergey Brovalenko and Matt Bentley. Davey is playing on the 2nd line with former teammate Tom Landry in which they were both Watchmen. After the first 20 games, Davey knew that this team was something special and that they have a chance to be one of the best teams the VHL has ever seen.


This has been brought to you by the fruitful mind of the offset, lesser talented and quite crazy Tim Johnson. Tim has been known to be quite the character and he has one of the wildest minds. Wild Stylez productionz is too mainstream to keep up with his abilities.

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Content: 3/3 - Davey Jones just seems to have that "it" factor that superstar players have. None of the struggles that some people have with their builds have occurred at all and it seems like Davey may threaten many records as a first generation player. Not bad, eh?
Grammar: 2/2 - Pretty good I'd say.
well known = well-known
everyday = every day
Appearance: 1/1 - Bob Barker is an instant point here.
Overall: 6/6 - :dav:
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