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Claimed:World Peace locks himself out, arrives late in Bern


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World Peace locks himself out, arrives late in Bern


When Ron World Peace, defenseman out of Germany, was drafted by the Bern Royals in the second round of the VHLM S36 Dispersal Draft fans expected him to make an immediate impact on the team. That did not become reality though, as World Peace went missing for quite a bit before finally showing up at the training facilities in Bern. Team officials started to question their decision of drafting World Peace but just when they became concerned, he arrived. World Peace is in his second season in the VHLM after signing a contract with the Ottawa Lynx towards the end of the regular season last year. He went on with Ottowa to win the S36 Founder’s Cup, scoring a goal in the third game of the series.



World Peace in garden


The reasons for his late arrival were kept secret until a German boulevard paper, ‘BILD’, revealed it during an article about German hockey players playing abroad. The reporter described in detail how a public surveillance camera shows World Peace locking himself out of his own house with a beer in the hand. Instead of calling a key service, he opted for calling a delivery service for Chinese food. Afterwards he went on to sleep in his own garden.


As a natural consequence of these obscure happenings, World Peace had little to no chance of arriving on time. He later issued a short statement, stating that “an unfortunate incident kept me away from Bern for a few days. I will make it up to the fans and the club with some extra effort in the gym.” Rumors inside the Royals organization claim that World Peace has gotten back into full practice, showing a new found motivation to improve himself.



World Peace on ice


Despite all these difficulties, World Peace has improved his play in comparison to last season after arriving in the Swiss capital. Over the course of the season, he managed to accumulate seven goals and 56 hits in total. Bern as a team also has an intriguing season, sitting second overall behind the Bratislava Watchmen. They also handed out one of the very few losses for the Watchmen. “I definitely think that I have improved a little bit since arriving here in Bern, but watch out for me to get even better. I am getting into my routines and it also seems to work out with team. Naturally I am content with situation I have found here,” World Peace said after the latest game. As a gift for his delay World Peace also promised an extensive interview next week with a local newspaper. “I also want to thank the front office here in Bern for their understanding for my situation. They have supported me, and I am looking to pay that back with more effort than ever.” Royals fans may be happy to hear that as their team gets another player back on track while they already have a fantastic season.

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Content: 3/3 - You damn drunkard! Peel yourself back off the ice and get back to work!
Grammar: 2/2 - Just one thing here:
Ottowa = Ottawa
Appearance: 1/1 - Oh yeah.
Overall: 6/6 - (Y)
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