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World Peace and the media


After the laughter over his unfortunate personal lockout has died in social networks, Ron World Peace opted to be quiet in the media for a little time to gain some rest. With Bern chasing Bratislava around for the first place in the standings, he needs this rest definitely. After the latest game, reporters of our magazine had a chance to sit down with him to talk about a new country, adjustments and pressure.


Q: Mr World Peace, you finally seem to have got settled in Bern. What are the differences here with the Royals in comparison to your short stint in Ottawa?

A: Well to start this, I liked playing and living both in Ottawa and Bern. The Lynx were a fantastic team, well managed and we went on to win the Season 36 Founder’s Cup. I highly appreciate having my start as a pro there, as it showed a lot of those little details in the big business. Here in Bern, it is also a smooth setting. I like the guys in our locker room, the head coach is competent in what he does. Like seriously, I have nothing to complain about thus far. They even showed understanding for my late arrival.



Ottawa after winning the championship


Q: You are now living in Suisse. This is far closer to your hometown than Canada is: Does that make the adjustments easier, the transition smoother?

A: Oh, it clearly does. We are living in the part of Swiss where they do speak German. For a young blood like me trying to get accustomed on my own, it makes everything really easier. In Canada, there were also some lingual deficits on my side. Still, I must say that the short time up there was a lot of fun. Winning is always easy – and we are continuing to do that here!


Q: How exactly do you plan to improve yourself? You may have scored a goal now and then, made a hit sometimes – calling you a quality player would be wrong however. Scouts still see a lot of unfinished areas in your game, to say the least.

A: At the moment I am discussing this exact topic with my personal trainer. We have worked together for more than a year now, and I trust his words a lot. If he says, ‘Go on and be a specialist’, I’ll train to be a specialist. When he says, ‘Go on and be an allrounder’, I will be working on many different areas of the game. Obviously, right now there are three major areas I am working on currently: That is skating, checking, and shooting. All these three abilties should influence the Royals’ game in a positive way. After that, who knows? I am leaning towards specialising myself on a few areas, but that decision luckily is still a few months away.



World Peace suiting up for Bern


Q: To conclude this interview: You were featured in the latest issue of the VHLM Mag, no. 18 to be correct? Do you think that getting more reputation in the media will help your draft stock?

A: Well, that is difficult. Personally, I do not like the idea of going high in the draft. I know me and my personality, consistency and World Peace are two things that only bond at certain times. So, maybe the reporters can be quiet about me and I could go on to be a steal. I like that idea, yeah. A mock draft also sends me to Cologne. Playing here in Germany would be awesome, but having Davey Jones and me in the same locker room might not be the best idea to be honest. We will see how this plays out.


Q: Mr World Peace, thank you for the interview.

A: You are welcome.


Ron World Peace is a seond-year VHLM veteran out of Germany. He has accumulated 14 goals, 37 assists and 99 hits so far this season. He likes his bread with jam and beer, his credit card with money, and his ladies totally drunk.

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Content: 3/3 - The story about World Peace getting locked out turned out to be an awesome way to generate laughs and get him back into the VHLM spotlight. Keep up the good work and you'll be in the bigs before you know it!
Grammar: 2/2 - A couple misspellings, but really nothing major.
allrounder = all-arounder?
abilties = abilities
specialising = specializing
seond = second
Appearance: 1/1 - Funny to see a guy named "World Peace" laying down some violent hits.
Overall: 6/6 -  :vhl:
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