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Influential Calgary player pulling strings


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CAL FUCK YEAH, Calgary's captain and the most resilient career player they've had, is finally making a request of his own. It has recently come to our attention that CAL FUCK YEAH has been in talks with Calgary management about bringing in two of his friends from other teams, NYA SENOR CHANG and TOR CAPTAIN PRICE. It has yet to be disclosed if Calgary management has done anything to acquiesce to CAL FUCK YEAH's request, if either of the players will be brought in, or if New York and Toronto would be open to selling. However, given the tenure of CAL FUCK YEAH and his selfless ways thus far, it is doubtful that the request will cause any sort of rift in the locker room between him, Henrik Larsson, Rock Star, and Hashtag Manning Jr. 


The only statement we've heard from Calgary management on the matter is that they'd look to bring in the two players for proper value, but Vasteras GM Thomas Corcoran has all of the 4th round picks locked away in Fort Knox. 

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