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Olsen disappointed with production


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Coming into the year, Karsten Olsen hoped to be a candidate for the Labatte Trophy, given to the top defenseman in the VHL. In fact, he placed himself in that position on his yearly ballot turned in to the league office, and many others did as well.


Now that the Bears and the rest of the league are roughly two-thirds into the season, is Olsen maintaining a Labatte-worthy pace? Based on the stats, the verdict is a definitive, "Ehh..."


Olsen sits only sixth in defenseman scoring, including fourth in the North American Conference, with 45 points. His 38 assists are surely up to par, but his 7 goals are somewhat disheartening for a player with 90 scoring. Meanwhile, his 71 shots blocked aren't in the top ten and are second on his own team behind James Lefevre, and his 151 hits are solid, but not great.


"Yeah, I definitely expected more," Olsen said. "Especially when guys like Connor Low are performing spectacularly with fewer hours practiced, it makes me believe that I should be producing more. I don't know. Maybe it will happen."


But how will it happen? A lot may depend whether the Bears are able to make some moves late in the season, most notably with their lines. Perhaps a change or two is in order, even including Olsen himself...

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