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Jot Notes (Boxing Day Edition)


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Like I said last week, my 590s are now going to be in jot note form.


  • Hope everyone who celebrates had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed time with their loved ones (be it family, friends, whomever)
  • To all who don't celebrate, hope you are having a great December and 2017 in general
  • The league finally started simming games again! After a long and eventful off-season, it was nice to have games simmed
  • Toronto, Seattle and Riga have gotten off to great starts, and there's 6/8 teams have started off at .500+ clips - Early win for league contraction
  • Gretzky is killing it in Seattle, good for @TheLastOlympian07 after having both his players in the dispersal draft
  • Ironside already has 4 SOs, shoutout to everyone who has him in VHFL (I'm in that group!)
  • Looks like Johnsson might not be most improved this year, really thought I'd be doing a lot better than I have so far
  • Leading rookie scorer is 141 TPE (20 of them banked) D Augustus Gloop with 9 points for Riga...
  • Speaking of rookies, there's only 7 this season, which seems...low?


Anyways, those are my notes, happy holidays

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