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So people constantly make fun of ESPN for some of the stats they give, and to be fair the reaction is pretty justified. They'll pull things out like "who has the most points in the second period of afternoon games away, on days where it's raining outside the stadium and the home crowd filled less than 85% of the stadium" and things like that where it's clearly not a stat anyone cares about or wants to know. They do it to prove a point about a particular player usually, but the only point it ends up making is that they had to stretch to come up with a reason to justify their opinion on said player.


I'm about to drop an ESPN style stat on this league to put a positive spin on a guy who I want to think highly of, because he's my own player. The current league leader in points per minutes played, excluding bots, is Vaclav Hrdina. Shocking, I know. You'd expect someone like Fujimoto or so to be winning it. Nope, it's Hrdina, with exactly one point every 15.5 minutes of ice time. Granted, there's a clear bit of bias involved when I'm taking into consideration a guy who has only played 31 minutes, but he's scored two assists nonetheless, so it's still a point per 15.5 minutes.




Even the league leader in points, Shawn Gretzky, doesn't quite live up to Hrdina's standards here. 29 points in 458 minutes averages out to a point every 15.79 minutes. Still very impressive, objectively a bigger deal than 2 in 31, but it's not good enough for the points per minutes award. Let's look at other big scorers just to see where they fall as well. Gabriel McAllister averages a point every 18.78 minutes. Lee King Snatch, despite my best efforts at only ever writing articles that don't use that player name for its ridiculousness, earns a spot on the article with a point every 16.26 minutes. John Locke averages a point every 17.75 minutes. Franchise Cornerstone, the only remaining player with 24 or more points, has a point per a relatively paltry 19.25 minutes. Considering that every non-bot player in the league outside of Hrdina has played at least into the mid-300s in terms of minutes except three (and the point totals of these three, Alexander Thrower, Jake Scheel, and Jabby McFullO'Schmidt, aren't going to balance out minutes that are still 200+ in all cases) that's all the farther we really have to look. No one else is even in the ballpark.


There's a stat in the sim called P/20, or points per 20 minutes. Hrdina's P/20 is 1.29, which is the best in the league and validates the math I just did for the rest of this without noticing P/20 was a thing. The other players with over a 1 P/20 are Shawn Gretzky (1.27), Gabriel McAllister (1.06), Fook Yu (1.00), Lee King Snatch (1.23), John Locke (1.13), Fredinamijs Krigars (1.06), Lukas Muller (1.00) and Franchise Cornerstone (1.04). That is the entire list. Only 9 total players with a 1.00 or better P/20, and topping them all is Vaclav Hrdina, the most efficient point earner in the league.


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