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Injury scare [1/2]


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Everything was going on just like planned at Seattle Bears practice facilities earlier today on Friday, team got together for morning skate and practice session roughly at 8 AM. Nothing too interesting happened during the actual practice, your typical hockey drills, but few moments later after everybody got off the ice and made their way to the locker room, loud scream was heard, not a good scream, something bad happened. The scream sounded like someone is about to die.


It was reported that it was Fabio Jokinen who got hurt, but no further information was released on what happened and is everything ok. Time went by slow as hell, everybody who heard the scream wanted to know more, finally about 45 minutes after the scream was heard, the team doctor stepped out of the locker room and gave this comment to the media who was waiting to hear news on what is going on:



Fabio is safe and alive, after the practice and taking his gear off, he was making his way to the showers, but for whatever reason - the floor was really wet, Fabio slipped and landed right next the door at the exact same moment when one of the physios was walking out of the locker room, somehow Fabio´s testicles got stuck between the door and frame of the door, resulting in Fabio getting hurt when the physio tried to close the door. Them low hangers. At first it looked pretty bad, but we are expecting him to make full recovery and in the best case scenario, he might be available to play on the next games during the weekend, but he is currently listed as day to day, we are monitoring his progress and report if changes come up. During these tough times, we ask you to respect Fabios privacy and let him recover in peace, no further comments - thank you.



Seattle Bears doctor, Gary Hansen


Unlucky injury for Fabio and of course for Seattle Bears who has been playing really well so far in the season, currently sitting first in the league after 27 games, Seattle has won 22 of those. Bears are six points ahead of Legion and Reign, so if Jokinen and his injury turn out to be more serious as first reported, Seattle could be in a lot of trouble. If Seattle as a team has been playing well, same can be said about Jokinen, 25 points in 27 games from the blueline, that total is the fourth best point total among defenders in the whole league, so goes without saying that losing player like that will have big effect on how the whole team plays.


It´s been 15 hours now since the injury happened, no updates from Seattle Bears, so we are still waiting to hear news on if Fabio can play in the next games, Seattle has two away games in row coming up, first against Davos and then the Legion.  Could very well be that Jokinen misses the two games and joins the team for the home game against Americans next week.



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Review: Well it seems like things word out for Jokinen and he wasn't seriously injured. He made a nice return to the team and helped them in a nice long playoff run. Hopefully he ahs no more shower injuries and learns to be more safe when walking across a wet floor.

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