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Bottom feeding Blades


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At the beginning of the seasons, fans knew that they would not be seeing the Brampton Blades even come close to the championship this time around. Following a failed run last season, Brampton had no assets going into the following season (who were all called up or left via free agency) nor any top picks that would help them going into the following season.


GM Damon Wolfe made one of the most questionable moves of the off season when he traded the fourth-overall selection to Bratislava in return for their first rounder in the following season. 


Despite the odds being against them from the get go, waiver claims were made in an attempt to strength the roster. Azi Ali, who was named team captain, was the first of these claims and since then has showed potential to be a great VHL player in the future. 


Unfortunately for Brampton though, it just wasn't enough. They sit last in the league right now.


"Things just really haven't been going our way," said GM Wolfe. "I am proud of the kids on the roster though. They certainly aren't letting it discourage them and go out there giving it their all every game. Brampton will be back on top soon enough, we just need to keep working on it." 

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