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Claimed: Jake Scheel Considers Future [1/2]


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Jake Scheel Considers Future


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Scheel looking on during a tough game.


With Jake Scheel making headlines with his apparent renewed determination to progress as a player (well, maybe 'headlines' is putting it a bit strong), there has been some speculation as to where he could be bound. As it stands, Scheel has played the last season in his one-year contract with the Calgary Wranglers, making him a pending free agent. Though it seems likely that Scheel will resign with the team, as he has shown no signs of being ready to leave in the past, nothing is for certain right now. Reporters caught up with Scheel after an optional practice session and questioned him over his future in Calgary. Scheel had this to say:


"I have to be honest, it's not something I've put all that much thought into. My focus this season was playing my game, trying to help us make the playoffs... obviously, that didn't happen. There's a big gap between playoff teams and eliminated teams, it's a little concerning. But -- yeah, I don't know. I have no reason to leave Calgary, but I'm not going to rush headlong into a lengthy extension without considering my options. They've treated me well here and I've put up some points... not as many as I thought I would back when I was breaking into the league, but some."


This season, Scheel was second in scoring on the Calgary Wranglers with 24 goals, and fourth in overall points with 45. He's far from a star by VHL terms, and it's apparent that even if he did make it to free agency as he's hinting that he wouldn't be able to break the bank with his likely asking price. It may be that Calgary really is the perfect destination for him if he is prepared to press forward with his career and dedicate himself to improving his game: they've shown they were willing to factor him into the offense even when he stagnated as a player, and perhaps that indicates his role might be able to increase should his play warrant it.


Fans in Calgary have to hope that if he does choose to stay with the team, this recent burst in development continues. It's one thing to have a player to put up points from the fourth line, it's another to have a real, quality player. This season, Scheel played behind Jasper Canmore who officially centered on all three lines, but often switched out when he ran out of gas. This meant Scheel played around 25 minutes -- in most leagues, that would be an awe-inspiring number for a center, but in the VHL less so, as players routinely clock in anywhere from 25 to 30 regardless of position. This is, needless to say, a rather unique league -- and the story of Jake Scheel's career seems to be the same no matter how you look at it. "That would be a really good statistic... if this were another league."


For now, the playoffs are in full swing and we have a lot more hockey to watch before anyone's going to be seriously thinking about free agency -- especially the free agency prospects of a player who, truth be told, has mostly been written off as a bust (and for good reason!), but this is one developing story that might be interesting to follow. Eventually.

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