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Joseph Bassolino RP [1/2]


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 Joseph Bassolino - Rookie Profile 

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Age: 18

Jersey #: 66

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 210lbs



:usa:The Bronx, New York City, New York, United States:usa:

:yuk:Yukon Rush, S59 Draftee:vhllogo:


Early Career


Born in The Bronx, New York City, New York Bassolino had blood running through his veins at an early age. Bassolino was on skates from a young age, and in the stands at most New York Rangers games at the Garden. Bassolino idolized the great Mark Messier growing up, even altering his hockey game to try to emulate “The Messiah.” Bassolino wasn’t the greatest student in the work and struggled during his studies, but one thing that Bassolino excelled at was hockey. After a few years of tolling around the house leagues in New York, Bassolino caught the eye of the USA Hockey National Team Development Program. While playing in the New York State Amateur Hockey Association in the High School Hockey Program, Bassolino was able to finally put it all together as a fifteen year old sophomore putting home twenty-six goals and sixty assists in just twenty games. That’s when the USA Development Program picked up on Bassolino, inviting the youngster to their Under-17 development summer camps. Bassolino was invited to join the U.S National Under-18 Team, a rare feat for a player that wasn’t on the National Under-17 team the previous year. After a season with the U.S. National team, Bassolino looked to take his talents elsewhere, and lo and behold he landed in Yukon, with the Yukon Rush of the Victory Hockey Leagues minor league system. Bassolino will enter the upcoming Season Fifty-Nine VHL Entry Draft and the Season Fifty-Nine VHLM Dispersal Draft one of the top prospects, but his poor play this season may make some General Managers questions drafting the youngster from The Bronx.  





Although we eluded to the fact earlier that Bassolino was having a tough season with the Rush, one thing to note is the obvious pride the youngster takes in winning face-offs. Bassolino led the VHLM in Season Fifty-Eight with a 66.51 winning percentage in the face-off dot. Bassolino understands the play begins with the centerman, which is the main reason Bassolino spends so much time working on winning face-offs each practice. Only five players in the VHL finished with a face-off percentage over sixty percent, so moving forward Bassolino knows he has a lot of work cut out for him to be an elite centerman.


Puck Control:


Bassolino prides himself in the ability to hold on to the puck once it is on his stick. Bassolino has always been known as a pure passer during his time on the ice, able to make stick to stick passes that most players see as unrealistic. With a keen eye and a quick flick on the wrist, Bassolino has the natural ability to find the open man with the puck.


Skating Ability:


If you can’t skate, you can’t play hockey. Bassolino has always been amongst one of the better skaters when on the ice. Bassolino has made it his goal to consistently upgrade his skating, even going as far as signing up for power skating lessons over the years. Bassolino works extremely hard on and off the ice during the season and off-season to ensure he has top level speed each season. Bag skates are no issue for The Bronx native as the art of skating is something Bassolino does exceptionally well.



Scoring Touch:


Don’t expect Bassolino to be putting up godly numbers when it comes to scoring early on in his hockey career. Bassolino has always prided himself on a pass first type of game, which sometimes can be a barrier to his overall game. Without the confidence needed to predict the possible upcoming moves of the goalie to put the rubber behind the goalie, Bassolino will be the last player that you will want with the puck on their stick in crunch time. Bassolino will need to work hard on his scoring touch in the offensive heavy VHL if he ever wishes to make a real impact for a VHL team in the near future.




Outside of playing house league hockey and a season with the U.S. National Under-18 team, Bassolino has no real experience playing competitive sports, let alone hockey. This season with the Yukon Rush was the first time that Bassolino had played over fifty games in a entire season, with the most games coming with the Under-18 team, when he suited up for 25 games that season. With no real competitive experience under his belt, scouts are wondering how Bassolino will handle a tough work schedule.


Two-way game:


Currently Bassolino doesn’t possess the ability to play a full 200 feet, which as a centerman is one of the main components of the position. Bassolino has been slowly making strides with his two-way game, working on becoming a better defender. Bassolino would often find himself out of position when back-checking, which often lead to odd man rushes and often quality scoring chances for the opposing team. Bassolino will need to honor the defensive aspects of more closely if he wishes to become of the best on the VHL ice in the near future.

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