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Off to Toronto! [1/2]


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Less than 24 hours after I wrote my last blog entry on Sunday evening, I got official news from my agent. He said that I have been traded from Seattle to Toronto and I should make my way into Toronto as soon as possible, the GM of Legion wants meet me and talk about the details. I did exactly that, bought a plane ticket for Tuesday to start the final chapter in my VHL career. Before I left Seattle, I went to the practice normally to say goodbyes, usually on Mondays we have bit more relaxing morning skate, so everybody was in a good mood and by the looks it - they already knew what was going on when I stepped into the locker room. I quickly said what I had on my mind and shaked everybodys hand. Then I just left, went home to pack my stuff and started looking for place to live in Toronto.


Crazy how fast things happen sometimes, one minute you are there and next minute you are not. Professional sports is a cold world sometimes, people get traded and fired just like that. Luckily for me this is not the first time I have been traded, before last year I got traded from Quebec to Seattle, so I kinda know what I need to do now when it comes down to off ice stuff, but still feels weird to leave so quickly. I started to like Seattle as a city and the team we had was really nice, hell - we even made the finals! Almost as good as it gets really, but getting traded is part of the business and as a old man, I understand that when trade talks are going on, it´s the older guy who is getting moved first, especially if that old guy has announced his retirement from VHL after next season is over.




But a new beginning or a new ending more like! I´m happy that Toronto was interested in my player and offered me a change to come in and play my last year in perhaps one of the most fanatic hockey cities on the planet! Toronto had a solid year last year, finished second in the regular season with 113 points and when looking at the players the team has, I think we got a solid change to win something big here. Hopefully I can help out as much as possible and be part of the team that brings glory to Toronto!


If looking at this move purely from individual point of view, I´m not exactly the same player I was few years ago or even last year, but if and when things click inside the team and on the ice, I could even have the best year of my career here, got so many players who shoot the puck really well, this Toronto team is going to be nightmare to defend against, if you try to stop one player, someone else is going to be open and on top of that, I have decent shot on the blueline, so fans of Toronto and hockey fans in general are in for real treat, could even see some record years not just on personal level, but in league history, this team is that talented and hungry!

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