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Patrick Triscuit#92 [RW] Rookie Report [1/2]

Sami K

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Patrick Triscuit 

Right Wing

Richmond Hill, Ontario

Height: 72.8 Inches

Weight: 200 Ibs

Handedness: Left

Age: 18

Jersey Number 92


Patrick Triscuit is a Canadian forward born in Richmond Hill Ontario. Triscuit has been playing hockey since he was four years old and has gained exceptional status into the WHL putting up 110 points in just his first season with the Everett Silvertips although not drafted into the VHL due to being injured for half his second season putting up only 43 points and his whole draft year season, teams were afraid to risk a pick such on a high injury prone player and lack of experience compared to other junior league players. At this moment Triscuits story still lives on as he taking an uncommon route into the VHL he will be going in undrafted with the many offers coming at him at the moment he could possibly be one of the best undrafted players to enter the VHL.      




Offensive Powerhouse: From what we have seen from Triscuit he brings a magical game to the ice he sees the game differently and brings a playing style that is very unique, he can help guide his teammates and setup plays from almost anywhere on the ice his unique set of hands allows him to get in those tight spots and score some dirty goals he has one of the best shots I have ever seen and can even snipe the puck from the neutral zone although he is more of a playmaker which is what he uses his aiming ability towards. Triscuits offensive awareness is definitely on point and would be a great addition to any team on the offensive side of things.      


Skating: Triscuit is a wonderful skater he is fast and swift on the ice, Triscuit fast and swift speed allows him to push his way into those tight areas retrieving the puck setting up plays and scoring those dirty goals. Triscuits style of skating definitely takes some time to getting used too he did not learn to like the other kids at a young age he could never get the technique down he instead created his own way skating up to 2 hours minimum everyday on his self built backyard rink since he was 6 years old I must say it is not a pleasant style of skating to watch but it definitely gets the job done.     


Penalty Drawing: Triscuit is definitely a dirty player which is surprising to see considering his size and strength he is the type of player that gets into guys heads and causes them to take a penalty he is constantly chirping on the ice whether his team is losing or winning he always has the energy to heat up someone on the ice how much more aggressive the game gets when Triscuit steps on the ice is very fun to watch he definitely knows how to piss someone off and it sure does come in handy when you need a quick powerplay or goal.     




Defensive zone play: Triscuit may seem like the perfect player although when it comes to defensive play he might as well be the worst to ever step on the ice. Triscuit is always looking to create a play he isn't aware of who is attacking him he does not like being in his zone and is always in a rush to get out of it and create a play the amount of turnovers and giveaways Triscuit creates in his own zone might as well be a record of its own a heads up to all the coaches out there if the play is going into your zone you better be screaming at Triscuit to get off the ice you are better off with 4 men on then Triscuit the game plan is simple dont pass the Triscuit when you are in your zone. Triscuit may be a offensive powerhouse in every way possible but his defensive awareness really needs some help he did however recently announce he is wiling to work on his defensive play no matter how long it takes once Triscuit gets that down there might as well be nothing stopping him.    


Physical play: As we know Triscuit is a dirty player but surprisingly he isn't a physical one which is what hinders his Defensive Play he is always out muscled which is why he creates so many turnovers and giveaways. Due to Triscuits small size and lack of muscle his biggest disadvantage is physical play he does not like hits or hitting as we know he is more of a chirpier and he gets himself into a lot of trouble with that. This where we get into injuries Triscuit being a small physically disadvantaged player him making the big guys angry isn't a very good idea although he continues to do so which is what creates his many injuries and what took him out for a season and a half and making him sit out on arguably the most important year of his life. Triscuits weak physical play can really hurt a team as strength is a big part of the game and is something he does not have.     



Discipline: Triscuit being the chirpier he is gets himself into a lot of trouble his friends and teammates like to call him Marchand Jr. as he is a cheap shot and he has a habit of pissing everyone off Triscuit may put up a lot of points but his penalty minutes are a whole other story although he gets into players heads he takes a lot of cheap shots and gets caught doing so he has a nasty attitude on the ice and is a huge disadvantage to the team in terms of taking penalty's it is really something that you cant fix so for the coaches out there if you dont have a good penalty kill Triscuit is not the way to go even if you need the points.  

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