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More new features! This actually turned into quite a large update but most of it is on the back-end. Re-worked a lot of the work being done behind the scenes that I created when I first started the portal to be much more efficient and manageable. As part of this, I changed basically the entire file structure of the site to be cleaner and again, to be more manageable. 


But here's what you can see:

First of all, Player Pages got a bit of a re-model. Greatly improved the way the career starts are found for each player - it went from a messy system of looping through various old databases to a single line of code. As well, there's also some new stats being shown that weren't there previously. Also re-styled the stat tables so that they're always uniform which I think was an improvement. 


Next, most of you will have noticed the new index version I've been using. Not only did I make things a lot easier by moving the path to the index, but using this new index also opens the door to one of the newer features of STHS - the Web Client. Using this, it would be possible for GM's to submit lines directly on the index with no need of downloading the client file or software. (Each team is password protected). I'm still testing this to make sure it works but if it does I plan on enabling it soon. 


Lastly, I present Game View. This allows you to view the important information from games directly on the portal. I think this is a very good addition as presumably people use the portal the most right after they see a sim - so this allows you to conveniently go to other areas of the portal right from games themselves. As well, you can always click the 'Full Game' button to see the extra information. 


How does it work

 Any game link you click on the portal (i.e. on the schedule or on the home page) will display the game in the new 'Game View' by default. Posted games will probably also direct you to the Game View by default. 


That said, you can always view the regular game page by clicking that button, clicking a link from the actual index, or manually changing the URL from http://vhlportal.com/gameview/59/VHL59-51.html to http://vhlportal.com/VHL/59/VHL59-51.html.


Note: VHLM will be getting support for game view very shortly when I get their index hosted on the portal. 

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