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John Madden Graphics

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A collection of all John Madden graphics, sigs and cards made by myself, as well as any other members.



First Graphic

This is the first graphic I ever made for the VHL. Created it the day after I joined the sight before I was even signed to a team. It's boring, uneventful and downright ugly. Also, my team is listed as Yukon Rush, not sure why. I think I was looking through team logos and decided I liked that one the most. Didn't understand how things worked yet. I'm sorry that you have to look at this, but at the time I was real proud.





First Halifax Graphic

I know what everyone is thinking: "Yuck, what the hell is that?" but when I made this I thought it was amazing. Looking back it looks corny and the resolution is really low, the shorts look real scratchy, the text is super boring and don't even get me started on the recolour of the jersey logo. Possibly the worst thing I've even designed.



Vague Improvement, Still Awful

This next graphic is only slightly better than the last but is hardly any easier to look at. The recolour job ain't as bad but the logo is too small and too low resolution. Background still as corny as ever and the huge logo and plain text stuck around for some reason. I wasn't very creative but the one thing I managed to keep consistent back then was that every player I used as Madden wore number 11.





Trying new things

This is the first graphic I ever made that isn't a complete pain to look at. I had a bunch of new ideas and experimented a lot more this time. Additions included the Halifax Skyline at the bottom, stars in the background, bubble text, smoke effect, border around the jersey logo and a background that wasn't too corny. There are still things that I would change about this graphic but it is a significant improvement from the previous three I did. This is probably my best graphic to this day.




True North Edition

This graphic frustrates me. It was a disappointing follow-up next to the previous one and it is the first graphic where I didn't use a player with number 11. I took a few steps back with this one. There are still a few things I like, such as the background and the green on the uniform, but overall not as good.




Shawn's Sig

My buddy and GM @ShawnGlade finally did Madden some justice by creating this beautiful sig. It is by far better than anything I've done and I really enjoy looking at it every time I post. Shawn is very talented with graphic design and I appreciate that he put some effort into it by actually putting Davos' logo on the jersey rather than just adding a few effects and calling it a day.



Madden Team Canada Hockey Card

After realizing that sigs are not my forte, I decided to diversify and try making cards for awhile since they don't require any effects at all, only the logo change and a recolour, which I am pretty good at. I made cards for myself and 5 of my team Canada teammates, which you can view in this thread: 




Enorama's Card 

Enorama made me this amazing card today and it's what inspired me to create this portfolio. I've always admired Eno's cards and super happy that he decided to make one for me. He used Max Domi too, who I am a big fan of!




Bushito's Sig

This sig done by Bushito is top notch! Too lazy to write more.



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