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Flowers Prepped for Chaotic VHLM Draft

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Halifax, NS -- The offseason moves quickly in the VHL and the VHLM—the finals of both leagues may have just ended late last week, but already, we’re a day away from the VHLM Draft. Especially given the sheer amount of players in the VHLM Draft pool, there hasn’t been much time for GMs to fully develop their draft boards. However, there are a few names that may be at the top of the list.


Defenseman Lance Flowers, most recently of Halifax 21st, may well be one of those names. The Season 68 draftee will be extremely close to the maximum 200 TPE by the time the season starts, making him one of the most talented players in the league. However, defense has proven to be a low-priority position for many VHLM teams in the past, and goalies in particular may be in high demand when the draft actually begins on Tuesday.


The result is that Flowers and his camp aren’t quite sure where they’ll land. His representatives have already had initial overtures from two teams, sources say, but no further details were given, and it’s possible (if not likely) that more will reach out by the time the draft comes along.


Either way, Flowers will be satisfied no matter where he ends up. “I’ve gotten the beginning of my VHLM career under my belt, and now I’m ready for the full experience,” Flowers told reporters after a recent work out. “I’m ready to go to a team who wants me, who wants to win, and no matter where in the draft I go I’ll be ready to give my all. Let’s do this.”

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