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Bismarck Keen to Prove Opposition Wrong After Falling in VHLM Draft


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Boheem Bismarck is unexpectedly rejoining the Halifax 21st, ready to wreak havoc on all the teams that passed on him. Bismarck came into the S67 VHLM draft, having been told by many scouts that he was likely to go in the 10-20 range, however he fell all the way to Halifax, his old team, at 31. There is a lack of logical reasoning for this sudden drop in the stock of this young Bolivian defenseman, and one can only theorize as to why he fell so far. The most believable theory is that the defensive market is over-saturated this season, and there was a lack of demand for such a player in the first 2-3 rounds. In fact, there is evidence behind this, as other highly touted defensive prospects fell a long way in the draft as well. Pierre Persson and Hugh Chan are both high-end blueliners who were projected to go in the first round, but neither were picked up until the late second round, while lesser known forwards such as Bud Knight and Zeno Miniti were taken way higher than expected. Another rumour about why Bismarck fell is that VHLM GMs noticed his poor play near the end of last season, as he seemed to get worse in the last 20 games, and decided to steer clear of him, in case he continued to get worse. However, this theory is hard to believe, as Bismarck have a good showing in the post-season with limited ice-time. The most popular theory seems to be the rumour that Bismarck is a cocaine adict and drug runner, and many teams would have wanted no part of that. However, this theory seems unlikely as there is no way Bismarck would have been able to stay in the VHLM for the entirety of last season if he was out doing drugs all the time. Whatever it was, Bismarck seems to have extra energy to prove the opponents wrong now, and it is likely that Halifax got a huge steal with their third round draft pick.


Halifax manager Aran Thranduil stated to VSN's Aston Martin that Halifax feels lucky to have reacquired Bismarck and can't wait to see what he will bring to the ice this season. The feelings seem to be mutual. In a recent interview, Bismarck expressed his excitement to be back on Halifax, and admitted that he was a bit surprised as well, though it was a nice surprise, rather than a bad one. That doesn't mean Bismarck won't be out to teach his over-lookers a lesson this season. He plans to lay as many hits as he can this season, and to block every shot that comes his way. He has also been working on his shot, and wants to score at least 20 goals, to make his opponents pay. Already, Bismarck has been spotted at the gym, pumping iron, and reportedly now weighs in at 230 pounds of muscle. So to all the teams that passed on Bismarck in this season's draft, you've been warned.

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