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  1. Rookie Aston Martin of the Davos Dynamo has had quite the interesting start to his VHL career. The second-line center was held pointless for the first handful of games in the VHL, but is beginning to find his stride. Coming off a 2 goal game yesterday, Martin how has a respectable 2 goals and 2 assists in his 7 games played so far in the big leagues. The most surprising stat line for Martin, however, is his Penalty Minutes with a team leading 22. Almost half of these came in one game against the Seattle Bears where he fought Valeri Morozov and Hulk Hogan in the first period, spending half the period in the penalty box serving a pair of majors. Martin was never known for this style of play when he played for the Ottawa Lynx in the VHLM last season and posted a 100 point season. Which leads to the question, is Aston Martin now a VHL goon? We caught up with him to investigate. Valeri Morozov and Aston Martin fight to a draw at 6:52 of 1st period Hulk Hogan and Aston Martin fight to a draw at 14:11 of 1st period
  2. Lol I fought Hogan and Morozov Told you DAV/SEA was gonna be a blood bath @Banackock
  3. Now dont let me down here - I expect big things from Dredges
  4. Stars in the Making | A Look at VHLM’s Fresh Faces In recent days and weeks, we have seen some new faces join the VHLM. Some through the S67 VHLM Dispersal Draft and some through VHLM free agency, as they entered the league after the draft. The Season 68 Draft crop seems to be a very strong one headlined by defensemen Connor Adrienne, Lance Flowers and Wolf Stansson Jr. We’ll be covering the class, the VHLM and the top prospects throughout the season on VSN, but today we shift our focus to some of the fresh faces of the VHLM. After rigorously scouring the S68 class, I have identified a handful of new players that have caught my eye early on. These players all declared for the draft just days before it took place or signed with the VHLM after; these could be stars in the making. Luciano Valentino – D – Halifax 21st @Kekzkrieg VHLM Drafted: 53rd Overall Joined: 7/2/19 TPE: 128 The first player on my list is a defenseman drafted by Halifax in the late rounds, Luciano Valentino. The Italian-born defenseman has really burst on to the scene in his first week in the VHLM. The 6’3 defenseman is primarily a defensive-minded defenseman. In his Italian junior hockey league, he was seen as one of the more sound defensive defenseman in the league. He uses his big body to be a presence in the defensive zone, including blocking shots. Valentino is also a very good skater and passer; he is built for the VHLM game. He’ll likely see second-pairing minutes to start the season for Halifax, but this is a player to keep tabs on as the season progresses. This is my Lincoln Tate-esque riser to keep an eye on. Raymond Bernard – G – Ottawa Lynx @Mr_Hatter VHLM Drafted: 40th Overall Joined: 7/2/19 TPE: 76 The only goalie that made this initial list was Ottawa Lynx draft pick, Raymond Bernard. Ottawa picked Bernard with the 40th overall pick and I expect this to look like a value pick when we reflect back on this draft. In the pre-draft interview process, Bernard reportedly performed very well and was spoke highly of by VHLM executives. His biggest asset, which really sticks out when you watch him, is his reaction time. It’s likely due to his great athletic ability, but he can react to a quik deflection in the slot with ease. He makes it look easy. There’s a good chance we see Bernard as the day one starter for Ottawa. Willie Dredge – RW – Yukon Rush @sjs88speed Signed with Yukon Joined: 7/8/19 TPE: 50 The player that has the freshest face on this list is Willie Dredge, a winger who signed with Yukon just a couple days ago. There are three main things Dredge brings to the table: speed, speed and speed. He possesses tremendous footspeed, acceleration and edgework. The question for Dredge moving forward is, can the mitts match the feet? His pick skills and scoring ability, at this point in his career, are slightly lacking behind his skating ability. I do believe like he will continue to work on those aspects of his game and develop them. The former Massachusetts high school hockey standout, will have to adjust to the VHLM game, but he has all the tools to be an impact player in this league. I see Dredge stepping into a Top-6 role for Yukon at the back half of the season. Owen Nolan – RW – Halifax 21st @studentized VHLM Drafted: 64th Overall Joined: 7/2/19 TPE: 67 Another Halifax late round draft pick enters the fold as an under the radar player to watch. Nolan is a relatively raw player out of Belfast, Ireland. He played junior hockey there until the age of 15, quickly rising above his peers to become one of the top prospects of the nation. He provides a mix of natural goal scoring talent and a big-bodied power forward. I think he will develop one of the more lethal shots in this draft class and maybe in the entire VHLM this season. He’ll be a presence in front of the net as well. I’m not sure Nolan has the high, high upside of some of the other players on this list, but given where he was drafted in the VHLM Draft I think he could be a steal. Micha Sage – LW – Ottawa Lynx @AcousticKazoo VHLM Drafted: 32nd Overall Joined: 6/27/19 TPE: 99 TPE The highest 67 draft pick in this article is Micha Sage, a winger drafted to the Ottawa Lynx by first-year GM Acyd Burn. Sage hails from Ontario and is described by scouts as a power-forward that has an innate ability to put the puck in the net. He plays a smart game, knows how to find the soft spots in the defense and possesses a pretty deadly shot. He will need to bulk up a little bit to be a power forward force in the VHLM, but that is something the Ottawa trainers will focus on early on. The Lynx do have some veteran wingers on the roster right now with Hunter Wagner and Michael Rasmussen, but Sage is impressive and can make a pretty immediate impact.
  5. 1. Biggest steal was none other than Bjorn Scoringsson at 9th overall to us! I had him mocked I think #2 overall so getting him at 9 was unreal 2. I was definitely surprised - but I knew he was going to go much higher than where he was ranked TPE wise. I thought it would be Hogan, but Tate is a good member - cant argue w the pick too much. 3. I think Scoringsonn will have the biggest impact right away. He was kind of buried on a stacked Reapers roster. He'll slide into a top-6 winger role here and I can see him potting 30 goals. 6. The Jagr salute 7. We've been pumping some Du Hast in training camp to get the juices flowing 8. Bold prediction would be Katie Warren
  6. Aston Martin arrives in Davos July 9, 2019 It's been just about a week since the Davos Dynamo Hockey Club selected center Aston Martin with their fourth overall selection and today he arrived in Davos for the first time. Dynamo fans were gathered at the airport waiting for Martin to step off his plane and met him with loud cheers and roars, welcoming him to his new home. The former Ottawa Lynx standout stayed at the airport for over an hour signing autographs and taking pictures with fans. Local Davos news crew grabbed a couple fans after the madness subdued for a quik interview. Miscellaneous Fan #1 Miscellaneous Fan #2
  7. First +1 of Aston's career, bittersweet