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WHAT`S GOOD EVERYONE!  As we all know, VHL draft has ended and we saw a lot of young talents and prospects drafted. That is why I decided to write about players that I think will thrive in VHL from the start. And the first one on the list is a player that I thought would be taken in the 1st round but fell to 12th position and now is a part of New York Americans - his name is ACL TEAR. 


VHLM CAREER - looking at ACL`s VHLM career the offensive numbers are not the most impressive, but the defensive numbers are ridiculous. This man had more than 200 hits (202 to be precise) and 104 blocked shots. He loves to play with a lot of energy and will look to end every shift with a big hit on his opposition. In his first season, he played only 12 games and had 36 hits. But in his sophomore season, he was a big part of Ottawa Lynx team. He and his team got to the VHLM finals where they lost to Philadelphia Reapers in 5 games. That was one of the most interesting and best finals I had seen in a long time. Even though he only had 11 goals and 16 assists in the regular season, he was a plus 22 which shows his qualities in the defensive end. In my opinion, his biggest strength is his energy levels. He comes out in overtime with the same speed and the same energy as he did in the first minute of the first period. 


WHAT MAKES HIM GREAT? First of all, this man is a 6`8, 250 pounds monster. And when you see him skate - it seems impossible to skate that fast with a frame like that. He should be an Avenger, not a hockey player because ACL TEAR looks like Hulk that was bitten by the same spider as Peter Parker and now he has some crazy spider senses. Imagine being a defenseman that is going after a puck at the boards and you see this monster coming your way and when he hits you - that board glass shatters faster than the glass in Stone Cold Steve Austin entrance song. And when he gets the puck and holds it - there is a bigger chance moving Putin out of the president`s chair than this man off the puck. So if he keeps getting stronger, keeps his aggression up and in the offseason can work on his offensive game, I think that next season he will be one of the best players on the New York team. Imagine if ACL TEAR has a shot that is as precise as Panarin`s, he might get a 7 year - 81.5 million dollar contract ( oh and around 45 - 50 goals as well).  And if hockey does not work out for him, he can just replace Iron Man and mess with Thanos.  Because if ACL is saving our asses from Thanos, I ain`t scared. 


THANK YOU IN ADVANCE TO EVERYONE THAT READ THIS. I would like to hear what you think of the 1st Edition of SweetMike Sweet Report. It was fun and I LOVE YOU ALL, SEE YOU SOON BOYS.




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