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Claimed:Yukon and Bern are Running Away

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Both locations sit 4,484 miles away from each other. They practically have nothing in common with each other. But in the VHLM, they are pretty much a mirror image of each other. Before the VHLM season began, many experts pointed to the Yukon Rush of the North American Conference and the Bern Royals of the European Conference to make a huge push at a Founders Cup this year. So how have the predictions been holding up? Well, a little over halfway through the season, it's been just that.


Both the Rush and the Royals are leading their respective conferences in points. Both share at least a ten point lead ahead of the second place team, which is just one example of both teams' domination over their opponents. Through 40 games played, the Rush have just one more win over the Royals, with 36. With those wins, they both share four losses, and the Royals have one more overtime loss than the Rush. For goals for, the Royals lead the entire league. The Rush are one of the top teams in that category, but sit just third overall behind the Gladiators. The Rush are seen as a much more defensive team than the Royals, leading the entire league with 71 goals against, 24 less than the Royals' 95 goals against, who sit second overall.


Much of the great defensive numbers for the Rush and Royals can be credited to the play of both young goalie stars Kimmo Salo and Blaine Olynick. Both goaltenders are far ahead of all the other netminders of the VHLM in nearly every stat category. Salo and Olynick are currently tied for first with 35 wins a piece. Salo has an eye opening of only 3 losses while Olynick currently holds only 4 losses. Their save percentage has been fairly similar all season long, as currently, Salo carries a .915% while Olynick holds a .910%. Once the ballot for top goaltender opens up after the season, there's no doubt that the race will be solely between Salo and Olynick.


The main key components in terms of skaters for both teams have come from all around the ice. For the Royals, their top point scorer has been defenseman Ron World Peace. From having a respectable performance last season to becoming the main key to winning for the Royals this season, there is no argument that World Peace is going to become an excellent two way defenseman in the VHL.




For the Rush, leading the way is Konstantin Jaroslav Azhishchenkov (KJA). Despite not leading the team in points, KJA has been the most hard working skater on the current Rush roster. After joining the team through the Dispersal Draft, KJA's play has been making strides game by game. Analysts thought the separation from former Lynx line mate Travis Boychuk would be critical to his production, but KJA has silenced the critics.


Out of the 7 games of the season series between the two teams, the Rush have the lead with a 3-2 advantage. Only one of those games have been contested past regulation, with a shootout win for the Rush. Yukon has scored 19 goals, while Bern has come up with only 12 goals. It seems that the x-factor in these games have been specialty teams. The Yukon Rush are responsible for eight power play goals against the Royals. The Royals power play has only scored a single goal in 17 power plays. The Royals' power play percentage against the Rush (75.76%) is the worst against all other VHLM teams this season.


Most experts see Yukon and Bern continue on through this path of destruction, eventually meeting in the Founders' Cup Finals. With the stats between the two being so close so far, nobody has a conclusive winner if they were to meet. No matter how it ends, it's very likely the series will be one to remember.

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Guest Svoboda_3

Content: 3/3

649 words. Take away the star goalies and then what is the team like? A really good Media Spot outlining the success of both the Royals and Rush, but hopefully by the time playoff time rolls around, someone can de-throne one of these teams.

Grammar: 2/2

Penis pump.


Founders = Founder's

ten point = ten-point

two way - two-way

have = has

Founders' = now we're got all the different methods of spelling out of the way..lol..let's correctly acknowledge that it's Founder's (for some reason)

Appearance: 1/1

I concur.

Overall: 6/6

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