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Let's start this weeks blog entry with a quik look on the stats, before I write them down, warning to anyone who is standing right now - better to sit down before you read any further. And to the stats, 28 games: 16+24 = 40 points. God damn, that is a great first half of the year I must admit and the team has been playing really well also, in a five-game winning streak at the moment, nine wins from the last ten games!


With my solid start to the year and being so high in the scoring list, I decided to use that ´fame´ to something good off the ice, some of you maybe know about the Asap Rocky situation, he got into a fight with couple guys and is now sitting in jail somewhere in Sweden. That whole case got me thinking -  how can I help Asap? Huge fan of his art and at least the videos I have seen were not so bad that he needs to still sit in jail, so I wanted to help. I´m in Vancouver right now, so had to be something  I can do from here, I thought about it for a bit and then it hit me! I´ll send Asap something that will cheer him up, something that will help his days go by faster - a highlight DVD of my best moments this season so far!


I naturally put all the goal clips in there, 16 of them, so that is a solid one hour of material with replays, different camera angles and of course my comments after each goal. I also added every assist I have gotten so far, mainly focusing on my passes - not just the goals that came soon after. Not that many values the secondary assists, but I have made a living of those, my commentary on each play will help to better understand what happened and why the goal scorer was able to score soon after. To add more length to the DVD, I hired a guy to go through all of my faceoffs wins and select Top-200 of those. That is also one part of the game that is easy to ´miss´ in a way since they go by so fast, but as we all know - winning a faceoff and getting to control the puck can in the best case be the difference between winning or losing.




In the end, the DVD is about 7 hours long. Somebody might be wondering how can you watch DVD´s in jail, to that I can say: in Sweden you can. The jail cells are not that bad, but it´s still a jail of course, so I think Asap will like my DVD. If and when he gets out of jail, I will send him tickets to come and watch Vancouver play, I can only imagine what it´s like to first see me in small jail tv and then later actually watch me play live? Must be a great experience and I´m excited that I´m able to make that happen.


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48 minutes ago, Beaviss said:

I'm sure he would appreciate that @jRuutu


Also how do you come up with this stuff.

? Trump commenting on the case gave the spark to create something around it!

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