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David Wallace [1/2]


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David Wallace

6’2”  175 lbs

Right Wing

18 years old


Wallace was born in London, England but when he was 4 years old his family made a move to Manchester, New Hampshire USA. With this move came new sports and a new love for young Wallace. Wallace began playing hockey and had a lot of natural talent. Growing up he was always the fastest on his team and could get the puck to anyone anywhere. He also has a very high IQ for the game and can make decisions very quickly. 



Passing - Wallace can find anyone on the ice at anytime, it’s almost as if he has a remote control for the puck. He hasn’t played with many elite goal scorers, but anyone put on his line has elevated their scoring totals from the previous year. He makes the difficult pass look extremely easy and makes the easy pass look pretty.


Speed - Wallace has great speed, and not just speed but the ability to pass and make the right decision with the puck at top speed. He does not need to slow his pace to get a good pass off, he makes the right play at top speed. He can also control the puck and make great dekes at top speed, he will not slow his stride to make a move past a defender and make him look foolish.


Team Player - Wallace has a great team attitude, being the new kid in a new country is very tough and early on he developed a genuine love for the locker room and his teammates. He loves the team environment and has always put the team above individual accomplishments.


Wallace is also a product of smaller hockey community that’s not great at fully developing players which leads to a few weaknesses in his game. He is not great defensively, he can not throw a proper hit, and doesn’t have the best shot.




Defense - Early in his childhood, coaches saw his speed and passing ability and decided this kid doesn’t need to focus on defense. This may have hurt Wallace in the long term. Even though he is often a + players, this is a product of good teams and being on a scoring line. He has never played on the penalty kill in his entire playing career.


Shooting - Wallace developed excellent passing vision early in his career but could not get a hard or accurate shot. He can score goals but often his goals come from tip ins or rebounds from being in the right place at the right time. He very rarely will make a highlight reel goal, he has on a few occasions but they are few and far between.


Hitting - Wallace was surrounded with elite defensive players that would handle the heavy hitting and clear the lane for his speed. He never needed to be a hitter and therefor didn’t put his effort into it. Trying to make the major level we have seen him put more of an effort into becoming s better hitter.


Wallace has shown a tremendous work ethic, and with the proper coaching and training facilities he can become an elite talent. He is also not a player that is a product of a system he can fit in with any group on any team and help to immediately elevate the team play.



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Needs a picture. Let me know if you need help on embedding.


Summary and conclusion are good, but I'd like to see stats like height and weight in here.


Cons is spelled Cons, not Con's.


Criticisms aside, the writing is good, the word count is up to snuff. Get that picture figured out and you'll be good to go.

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