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wtf Randoms?

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For the first time since S64, Riga isn't the only team I'm watching closer than other teams. It's not like I care that much about Moscow right now, but it's still interesting to see yet another underperforming season from Randoms...


...wait, what do you mean he is not underperforming? He was master of it and suddenly he has decided to use all of his skills? Wait there is more?! He is fighting Thompson for the Boulet award?!!? Ok, the season is only about to hit the half point so the 193 EXP guy is about to get away for another two-way award anyways. But this is soooo out of the blue. Especially when Randoms wasn't very noisy at the start of the season. Suddenly he remembers that he is coming from a member who had Guntis Petenis. Why this player? I don't even know...ok, I'm lying. I know why Gunča.


Petenis had a very mid career in Seattle and only thing he was good at is hitting players as much as possible. One of main reasons why this happened is my meh build, but then the trade to Riga happened. And then the update scale change happened. And then a TPE relocation. This was the turning point as Petenis managed to grab four awards in two seasons, including MVP and MOP. What does Randoms has common with Guntis?


Mid ass performance before a trade to my team - CHECK;

Trade to Riga - CHECK;

TPE relocation while being in Riga - CHECK;

Breakout year in Riga - CH...ok not really.


It appeared that Moscow's offensive magic is really doing wonders with players. Even some mid, like Randoms. We only can guess about his chances on better stats, had the Menace less forwards. Nontheless, good to see him doing fine even with non max 21-23 minutes per game. And not so good at the same time cause it affects our team, Riga Reign. Moscow might or not fall away before a conclusion of regular season and Randoms is one of the most important figures there. It could be interesting to give a scare to @Beketov and even trying to steal away his award. But if this means Riga could miss the playoffs...meh, not worth it. Keeping the playoff streak is more important thing than a sidekick player having a success unless Moscow somehow wins the cup. That could be sort of a season saviour for me, but still with a sour taste in my mouth.


I guess I don't have anything else to write about. Moscow the offensive juggernaut, Randoms stops to be underwhelming, Riga is still trying to find the offense. Toronto is dominant, Helsinki is likely taking the EU regular champ crown. Vancouver, Calgary, Davos and us are inconsistent. Seattle is overperforming a bit. NY and Malmo are where they should be. By the way, another interesting fact. There are only two teams in the league with the better home record than away. Davos and Riga. Teams really be sucking at home, what a shame.


That's it and I'm out.


6x2=12 TPE (VHL b-day doubles and I hope this can be applied for both players) is going to Randoms

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