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What I hope to Achieve

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This is my first article so take it easy on me.  I have just signed my first ELC with the Mississagua Greyhounds and will be sharing the C slot.  While I don't expect my first season in the minor leagues to be hugely productive I believe I should set out some goals for myself.  I realize that I am joining in midseason but I will do my best to not let that stop me. I plan on scoring at least 10 goals in the reminder of this season while putting up a 25 point total.  I have had a huge amount of support from the staff and players in the Mississagua Greyhounds and without this support I would be entirely out of my depth. They have started to train me in what to focus on as it relates to my game.  Of course I will take these words to heart and I have already noticed improvements especially in the areas of my Defence and Face-offs.  With any luck after the following season I will have caught to eye of some of the larger league scouts and I can see where my career takes me.


Balentine Kidd

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