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Shackleford Creates International Incident Over Jersey Signing


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Malmo, Sweden


At one of the regularly scheduled "Meet the Players" events for the Malmo Nighthawks, rookie defenseman Rusty Shackleford has created created controversy over his actions towards one of the attendees. 


Within minutes of the event starting, a man handed Shackleford a Podrick Cast Moscow Menace jersey to sign, prompting Shackleford to throw the jersey in a nearby trash can and begin screaming at the man. Bystanders reported hearing Shackleford yell about a variety of things, from expletives directed at the man, to general threats to the city of Moscow and the entire country of Russia. At one point, Shackleford announced that "Sweden is now officially at war with Russia," however, no Swedish lawmakers were able to verify these claims as accurate. 


There have also been reports that Shackleford attempted to physically assault the man, but was restrained by teammates Garcia and Materazo. No one was injured in the altercation, but the Cast jersey is reportedly damaged beyond repair. 

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