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Minnesota Storm Recent Struggles


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The Minnesota Storm have finally fallen back down to earth. After starting the season with an impressive 13 game undefeated win streak, the team has dropped 6 of their last 10 games. Teams in the VHLM have slowly figured out the Minnesota Storms game and have been exploiting their weakness, which is their offensive depth. Despite having five players in the top 20 league wide in terms of points, of those five only one is a forward (Berocka Sundqvist.) @berocka Their strong defensive line-up may have worked in the early games of the season, but as we can see now forward depth is just as important as a strong D-Core. With a limited amount of strong forwards available on the trade block, the Minnesota Storm may very well just have to wait for their forwards to develop and improve come playoff time. With their difficult schedule behind them, the team will look to bounce back in their next week of games playing the top 2 teams in the league just twice in their next ten.

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