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Balentine Kidd's Rookie profile [1/2]

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Balentine Kidd


194 lb


16 years old


Kidd was born and raised a small village in Suffolk, England.  He grew up playing field hockey were he could and soon discovered he had a talent for shutting down offensive plays. This helped him translate his play onto the ice where he now shines as one of the most comfortable players on the ice. He played two seasons for the Ipswitch IceCats and a season in the BMHL (British Minor Hockey League) for the Bury St. Edmund Badgers putting up.   While Kidd may look a couple years above his age this is often used to intimidate opponents very effectively as they often take their foot off the gas when playing against him.




Defensive Awareness: Due to his upbringing as a farmers boy he is very aware of his surroundings. This leads to him being in the right place at the right time more often than most other players.  This is a crucial corner stone of his game as it enables him to fully utilize his flashy offensive skills while not being a detriment to his team.  He is known in the BMHL (British Minor Hockey League) for having set the record for +/- in a season at +73. 


Face-off: The most important part of a centers skill set is his skill in the face-off circle. He has shown tremendous consistency at controlling the puck and play during the face-off and he rarely losses. His last years stats in the face-off circle playing for the Bury St. Edmund Badgers was 54%. 


Shooting: Always a flashy player Balentine Kidd spent a huge amount of time as a child on his field hockey shot. As shoting in field hockey is more limited he had to get creative with his technique. This shows on the ice as he often bamboozles the opposing goalie with his "silky smooth mits". He is specifically known for his snapshot and wrist shot which are developed well beyond his age. His snapshot needs some work but that was never a key asset in his play style.




Hitting: Being small of stature Balentine Kidd is not he most effective physical player.  He has shown that while he is not delicate, he is injury prone to a poor knee due to a childhood accident. This drawback can however be mitigated by having a stronger player on his wing to help him.  With any luck he should grow into a bigger frame and develop more durability.


Comprehension: Due to his thick countryside accent his teammates have trouble understanding him, this has lead to confusion a handful of times.  He communicates as a result via pointing and grunting.  Due to the limited nature of this type of communication he often as trouble talking to referees about poor calls.


Temper: Balentine Kidd while being a good player off the ice has a quik fuse on the ice.  He can often be heard shouting illegibly at the referees and the opposing bench.   This is a fairly serious downside as he is not large enough to hold his own in a fight and results in him suffering minor injuries on a regular occurrence.



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