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Making A Top-Center [2/2]

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A Star In The Making

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You always hear the old adages – where an individual shows he is destined for greatness through some courageous acts or humorous dramas which showcase a hate for losing throughout their child hood. But Liam Rooney – one of the newest members of the Mississauga Hounds is not one of those people. “I can remember probably being one of the biggest sucks….” Rooney told our reporters in an interview showcasing the youngsters life, “I am definitely the kid who cried when we had to stay at school after-hours during land slide warnings. I just wanted to be home with my family.”

“Yeah - it was embarrassing…”

It is these shows of emotion that Rooney points to as signs of his fierce passion for anything he does. “I try to tell everyone – I wasn’t crying. I was just letting the passion out.”

Our reporters spent a good while speaking with Rooney about his life and aspects of the youngsters upbringing which may attribute to the player he is today.


Unlike what you would expect from a top prospect – Rooney did not grow up around ice. “My dad was a pilot and he flew from the islands to Toronto every day. For years – and I got to grow up across the street from a beach. Like a true ice-hockey kid.”

Fishing, boating, tanning, sand soccer….and finally, a love for inline hockey. “Yeah – you know, I am Canadian. You get the itch and I remember my grandparents getting me roller blades for Christmas and I joined a league. It was great. I would roller blade for an hour or two a day.”

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“I really was hoping that when we moved – we would be going back to Canada. But nope, Dad wanted us to ‘see the world…’” A promotion saw Rooney’s father doing international flights out of Asia – “Which was interesting because – I really felt that I would never get to work on my hockey skills over there. Even on roller blades – I figured there weren’t many leagues.”

Rooney would soon learn that his hockey options would be further opened. “There is actually some pretty good hockey over there. Ice Hockey. So I got to finally get out on the ice and see what that was like. That was a week long smile right there.”

Rooney joined a league and helped his team to a number of strong showings over the five years that he played there.

“The ice was Olympic sized – so you really have to be conscious of your positioning. It is a lot of skating. I prefer smaller ice.”


Boarding School

Through the summers Rooney would attend hockey camps back in Canada. It was here that Rooney was noticed by the Head Coach of a Mississauga-based boarding School’s team. “He was different – I think the first thing was he was just happier than a pig in shit out there every time he was on the ice. He could get around and he had good instincts.” Were comments that coach has made in regard to what made Rooney stand out.

“It was hard leaving my family.” Rooney admits, “But I wanted a shot and I knew this was the best chance at it. I think living on my own and being independent has really helped me as a hockey player.”


Other Interests

Outside of hockey – Rooney lists building computers and playing video games as the two main activities he enjoys during his free time. “I play a lot of golf. It’s a good challenge and I can see improvements in my game from when I started – I just want to be good and find a way to break 80.”

Rooney also loves to fish and enjoys going to his cottage once a year to just sit in a boat and catch big pike, “last year we caught a couple 3 footers. No one went swimming after that.”


If He Doesn’t Make It In hockey

“Erroneous!” Rooney proclaimed, “I am going to make it. After hockey – I am not sure. Maybe a coach – who knows. I love to play some hockey manager sims. But it is easy to say that now. I may not enjoy it when I try it. But I always want to try. I am a family guy – so maybe a stay at home dad. Get a sugar momma. Could be fun…”


“I just love hockey. Everything about it.”

Rooney said – for the 15th time and he would say it again many more times after that.

Business Man

Aside from playing hockey – Rooney credits an injury when he was 14 for the discovery of another passion. Photography and Filmmaking. “I was in a wheel chair for 6 months and I just wheeled around and took pictures of things and people. It was creepy – I thought. But people gave me money for the photos! So I make a little side money doing that now.”


Nature vs Nurture

A lot of Rooney’s old coaches and team-mates credit the youngsters demeanor to his up-bringing. “He doesn’t get phased by anything. Well, I mean – unless the kid goes home and cries himself to sleep silently every night. He always has the sense of been there – done that. So there is no panic.” Said an old coach, “You always remember the kids like that.”

“Its fun to have lived in several places throughout my life. It is an interesting story. Not many of the guys I play with or who we play at the tournaments can say they didn’t get on-ice until they were 9 years old. But instead, grew up playing in an inline hockey league. With the games played on busted up old tennis court. Most of the injuries coming from hitting ruts in the court.”

Rooney laughed and shook his head – “Its crazy to look back on it sometimes.”

A Funny Story

Roney shared a story with us of his playing days in Asia, “Its tough for kids to get the pronunciations of where they live correctly.” Hardly able to contain himself already, “So we had to put our addresses on the form and of course the address is whatever, whatever Chung Hum Kok. So, we hand in our forms and our coach comes out and takes us and my dad into the office – handing us a new form. Turns out my brother thought it was spelt ‘Chung Hum C-o-c-k’”

*everyone laughing*

“It’s the story that keeps on giving…”

Rooney thanked us for the interview and shook our hands as he left. You could get the sense that he was proud of his past and that he had – “seen some shee.” As we will put it.

If Rooney goes on to a productive career – you can be sure his up-bringing will be a huge part of that!


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On 8/9/2019 at 3:07 PM, Greg_Di said:


Great bio, well formatted, lots of good pictures/gifs and good use of quotes. Great backstory for your player. The animated gifs really helped this Bio stand out. Great work!



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Review: Interesting read.  I loved the intro where he goes against type and is not any kind of heroic early in his life.  And the added non-traditional (for hockey players) early upbringing on the beach sealed the deal.  Loved the quotes and to take advantage of them, you might set them apart in bold or italics or even color like this.  Not sure how some of the graphics fit though - the animated guy getting wind-blown?  And those guys weren't pike fishing.  lol  But great read.  See you on the ice.

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