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Out of the Crowd

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Out of the Crowd


The Ottawa Lynx are doing well in the VHLM this year currently holding second place in the standings as we are just about at the halfway point of the season. Finnegan MacBurn one of the team's first year defensemen has truly embraced the local culture of Canada's national capital. He has been seen socializing with members of parliament and senators. Not only has he been schmoozing with the politically powerful but has significantly invested in local businesses. Purchasing a local landmark Fortune Farms one of the region's largest maple syrup producers. The upper crust of the financial spectrum have been hobnobbing with MacBurn at local festivals. All of this makes one wonder what does this young man have up his sleeve? Is he planning on running for a political office? Is he considering becoming a member of the ownership group? Is he just a young man having fun?


When asked MacBurn replied, "I just love this town! I want to explore and enjoy it while I can. The life of a professional athlete is inherently unpredictable. Who knows where I may end up next year." 


 Finnegan's mother is an artist and a museum curator so it's not a huge surprise that he attended an exhibition opening at the National Gallery of Canada. It was surprising to get word from a source that he made a large contribution to the NGC Foundation for the arts. The source would only go on record anonymously and confirmed the amount donated was substantial. Apparently this mysterious young man is also wealthy. Where will he rank on the list featuring the most eligible bachelors of Ottawa this year? Only time will tell and you will have to wait for out special issue to come out later.


Many of our readers may not know Finnegan is not only a VHL hopeful but the 22 year old is already an owner and CEO of XTex a small company based out of the Silicon Valley in California. Work on advanced materials and microbiotics is apparently conducted there. Finnegan was in attendance at a display of some of the work being done by his company taking place at the Canada Science and Technology Museum a few weeks ago. The most intriguing of which was the nanobot colony. A display that allowed users to interact with several different control methods with which the user could manipulate the little bitty bots. 


The Heart and Crown at ByWard Market has become the hot spot for celebrations after the Lynx win home games. These bashes are a veritable who's who of celebrities in Ottawa with regular sightings of Dominique Davis, Dawn Askin, Tim Hicks, Sarah Cassandra Chalk, and Jessica Holmes heading into the reserved VIP section. Apparently the latest trend is to take a shot of local maple syrup when our beloved Lynx win a game. Could this be connected to the recent purchase of a certain maple syrup farm? MacBurn is the purported host of these get togethers indicating he's been embraced by the upper echelon of rich and famous locals. We will keep an eye out for A-listers Dan Akryod and Alanis Morissette whom are reported to be attending the end of season party regardless of where the Lynx finish in the standings.


Keep an eye out for our follow up article highlighting the outdoorsy adventures of Finnegan MacBurn with individuals with significant political clout in and around Ottawa.

-Molly O'Brian

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