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Unban Boubabi so I can make him rage quit


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So I saw the poll on if we should unban Boubabi and I think to myself why is it even a fucking question. It should be a solid fucking yes. Not because of what he brings to the league and all that shitty league related stuff. Nay. Not that. I think it should happen for more selfish reasons. I have been for a long time been told that i was a great troll and the penultimate asshole around here till he came around. That he would say shit that I wouldn't and such. Hell people even accused me of caring too much to not cross the lines that he did. Do you forget the shit I did? I was called the fucking trolliest of trolls and so on. I crossed lines like it was no ones business. Hell I had people wondering why I was never perma banned. Hell I crossed lines that he would never. Because I was so good and finding shit that cut deep and I kept on it till you cracked. I was cool under "pressure" and never got mad. I just had fun with it. You could be sitting their fuming and wondering wtf why isn't Robbie mad. Well because I found it funny and amusing. Boubabi would have no chance against me. So unban his ass so I can make him quit. The league owes me this as a retirement gift for the years of servitude. 


Good night and fuck you 

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