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Micheal Gary Sscott is -23. Yes, that is correct. He has been on the ice for 23 goals against. The worst on his team. 23 is a prime number. 23 can be made up of two prime numbers. 23rdians are people who see the number 23 (or in combinations) in daily life. Michael Jordan is 23, David Beckham is 23, but so is Alex Edler. 23 is the number of chromosomes each parent contributes when making a baby. Julius Cesar was stabbed 23 times. Princess Leia was held in detention block AA23 before being rescued. “23 skidoo” was an old catchphrase meaning to make a quik exit. When a shape has 23 sides, it is called a Icosakaitrigon. On average, it takes 23 seconds for the blood to circulate through your body. The most common date to spot a UFO is July 23rdeach year. What does this have to do with anything? Micheal Gary Scott isn’t sure either. 


Word Count: 159

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