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“VHL Expansion” is trending

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It’s official. VHL Expansion is the number one trending topic on the forums this week and it’s not even close. 


Why is it trending? Well it’s clear, there is a ton of TPE whores so very desperate for that bonus TPE since it is what is called “theme week”.  I mean, why wouldn’t you write about it this week? It’s FREE TPE. Tell this to my Dutch roots and free is all I need to hear and I am on board! 


Why would VHL Expansion be the topic of them week? Obviously, it is because the league has decided to grow by two teams because of an influx of talented player and active members. Is an expansion draft something everyone wants? I’m sure it’s not, at least to those who don’t want to be chosen away from their current team but that’s why there are protection rules put in place so teams can protect their favourite players from being snagged. Unless Quik gets his way and the VHL undergoes an entire fantasy draft for the league. The thought makes me smile because of how absurd that thought really is. I mean how on earth is that a logical proposal other than for the day it’s happening which would be interesting, no doubt. The league would lose an insurmountable amount of high end talent who would retire so they could recreate. Yeah as I write this thought, I’m convinced Quik has a great sense of humour and that is all. 


Getting to this Expansion and the details. Do we even know any of this? Nope. All we know is that their are two new teams and two new GMs who will get to pick players from current teams this offseason. Details. Missing. 


Will i be selected? Or will ADV protect me too? I would hope so. Although with my track record of being highly underrated (3rd round pick 24th overall and already over 400 TPE?! Absurd.) maybe ADV should leave me unprotected because who would select me anyways right? Of course, I’m kidding though. Seriously @Advantage you better protect me. I think I’ve earned it.


How good will these new expansion teams be? Probably not good. Although it doesn’t take long to rebuild a team in this league. 3 seasons at most if the GM is any good? I can handle that. They will be attractive destinations for new players because of the sheer amount of ice time that will be available to rookies. All they need is a good locker room with some good drafting/development and we’ll have 12 competitive teams in no time.


Is Expansion good for the league? Well for all those complaining, there sure are things about expansion that aren’t our favourite or ideal. That said, expansion due to influx of talent is never a bad thing. A healthy league makes for a fun and active league and that’s the main reason I joined the VHL in the first place. So stop complaining and enjoy the ride. This league is going places. It’s fun, competitive, and growing. Not many simulation leagues can say the same thing. 


519 words.

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