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Claimed:Claimed:A Look at The Gladiators

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It's that time of the year where school work seems to be piling on and more and more time is committed to trying to get the best possible grades. Of course, it can be tough to come up with a good media spot when your mind is filled with the useless knowledge universities like to stick in your head. So rather than just become one of those welfare guys I've decided to take the easy route and just go off on a ramble about some of the players from the Gladiators.


Jakob Linholm


G:39 A:48 P:87 +/-: +24


The captain of the gladiators this year, and 2nd overall pick, Jakob Linholm has been providing leadership and offense for the team all season. He is third on the team with 87 points and has proven to be both a great passer as well as a sniper. He is leading the Gladiators powerplay with 10 goals and 19 points while on the squad. He has even chipped in on the defensive side of things by blocking shots and tossing around the body this season, something he was not known for. He is expected to make the jump to play with the Americans next season in the VHL.


Ashton Galbraith


G:24 A:69 P:93 P/-:+22

Linholm's linemate, Ashton Galbraith, has been having an amazing year for the gladiators and leads the team in scoring. He is building a good case to go high in the S38 draft this next year. Him and Linholm have been on the same page all season and whenever you see one name on the score sheet, the others is usually there as well.


Bruno Wolf


G:35 A:56 P:91 +/-:32

Bruno Wolf has been one of the MVPs of the league this season, providing plenty of scoring as well as hitting anything in sight (Including his own team mates at times). He has 163 hits on the season and that leads the team. His 91 points place him in second on the team for points and has been one of the best second-liners in the league this year. Along with Galbraith, he is expected to go high in the upcoming entry draft.


Chris Raymond


G:12 A:32 P:44 +/-: -8


Chris Raymond was brought in to help Bruno Wolf from getting confused about which players to hit and to provide some more offensive firepower. Having only recently joined he has put up 12 points since joining the team and is a +3. They will be looking to him to pick up the scoring in the playoffs and will be a major part of the team once playoffs are under way.


Seth Rollins


G:19 A:38 P:57 +/-: -5


Rollins was another acquisition by the Gladiators this year and will be looking to provide even more firepower for the offensive squad. He's only suited up 3 times for the Gladiators this season but has 3 points in those games. He's sure to be a main piece of the Gladiators puzzle this season.


GM Davey Jones



Davey Jones has thrown together a offensive team that looks to prove that defense and goaltending isn't necessary for success. He has put an exciting product on the ice and this has led to many sell-outs this season and the fans are loving it. He has put together a great locker room environment is looking to make Minot one of the great franchises in the VHLM.

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Guest Svoboda_3

Content: 3/3

568 words. I would much rather see something than nothing and here, you produced a pretty good synopsis of the Gladiators roster, rather than taking the easy way out and just posting for the Welfare. Kudos to you for this and the effort you did despite a lack of time or idea for a Media Spot.

Grammar: 1.75/2


gladiators = Gladiators (x2)

year, and = year and

Gladiators powerplay = Gladiators' powerplay

and leads = and currently leads

draft = Draft

Him and Lindholm = He and Lindholm

entry draft = Entry Draft

joined he = joined, he

a = an

Appearance: 1/1

Good visuals, color and center alignment.

Overall: 5.75/6

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Content: 3/3 - I think after a certain while in the league we all have trouble finding things to write about. I'm really jealous that you are on Minot, I've liked you ever since you told me that funny joke before the draft. It looks like Minot has plenty of offensive firepower, we'll just have to see if that can overcome their less strong defense and goaltending.


Grammar: 1.75/2 - Svo got this.


Appearance: 1/1 - Looks good.


Overall: 6/6


Final: 6/6

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