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Grimaldi Beaded [1/2]


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On 8/28/2019 at 12:54 PM, NumberJ5 said:





it's got a 90s "blingee" style feel to it. Basically looks like a bunch of filters / 'one click' effects applied to a stock image.


The jersey change is really bad. You at least had an image editor to allow you to position the marlins logo and retain transparency, but just looking at it for a second.... his finn goes onto the shoulder-stripes of the jersey. That doesn't happen irl. Also, you can clearly see the StL blues logo behind the marlins logo.


Overall, it's got kind of an artistic vibe to it, but it doesn't impress me whatsoever and just has a very amateur / thoughtless "let me smash some layer effects together randomly without care" feel to it.


I do like how the text work does fit the theme of the rest of the sig, so you got that going for ya........


another thing I notice is how the goalies face is completely cubed/distorted out into 4-5pixel sized dots..... but then if you look behind him, the net/rink boards are like over-sharpened to high definition.  It's the opposite of what you want to do on a graphic... You want to use rough filtering/distortion techniques to compliment/contrast the focal point of the graphic (the player) not distort the player and leave everything else much more 'realistic' / 'unedited'



semi a p p r o v a l  g ang     but lets be real, it's an eyesore. Some people may say it's low effort but I don't want to judge anybody.

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