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     With Halifax's playoff run coming to a bittersweet end, Jerry Wang is left with only one thing on the horizon: The S68 Draft. During his time in Halifax Wang was less than spectacular when it came to putting up points and was nearly absent in the playoffs, something you cannot be playing on the second line. Where Wang was present was what nobody expected, his physicality. Wang had 32 hits in 42 games during the regular season, and 13 in 11 during the playoffs. But what does any of this mean in terms of the draft?


     Ranked 44th in the S68 draft class, Wang is going as a mid-draft pick, most likely in the 4th or 5th round. At 119 TPE his odds of moving up the rankings are slim to none, but a slip-up could easily send him crashing down the rankings. However TPE isn't all there is to a selection, and that's where Jerry's distinct lack of production will start to affect him. Within the 40-50 rank range, Balentine Kidd is the only player ahead of Wang in the rankings that looks threatening, however the quickly growing players behind him are where the danger lies. I'm writing these lines ahead of me looking at players and I'm realizing I'm not in as deep of shit as I has anticipated. None of the players below rank 44 appear to be of any sort of threat to Wang's position on the board in the slightest. However it is highly unlikely we see Wang break out of the ~40 range without a significant TPE boost, such as the biography. Note to self: finish the fucking biography already.


     So with the who, what, when, and why pretty much covered, we come to WHO will draft the Singaporean winger. Reports say that at this point 3 total teams have contacted Jerry Wang with either a feeler survey or expressing interest in the player. When Wang was approached about where he wanted to end up, we got a different response than in times past. "I want to be on the expansion teams, either one.", Wang said, "There's something really appealing about coming in as the underdog and making an impact on what will be a historical franchise. The first team is a landmark team in terms of expansion and you get a chance to mold the future of that franchise. That excites me."


     The expansion teams already have some promising prospects in their GM players, and the expansion draft has yet to happen, leaving a lot of potential powerhouses on the board. Both @diamond_ace and @Enorama have their new GM players currently residing in the VHLM as well, however both will not be eligible until the S69 draft. Eno's George Washington currently sits at 131 TPE and put up 4 points in his 11 playoff games with the Halifax 21st.  DA's Dagmar Havlova however remains a free agent with only 52 TPE. Wang stated that getting the chance to play with George again would be an interesting experience and one he hopes for, as his short tenure as his teammate was an enjoyable one on Wang's end.


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