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Eller Analyzes European VHL Teams


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The season is completed for the Yukon Rush, and Frans Eller has begun packing his belongings in preparation for the VHL Draft. He's already provided his initial thoughts on the North American VHL franchises, now it's time to dive in and take a look at the European squads. 


HC Davos Dynamo 


Davos finished 7th in the VHL and are located in the beautiful Swiss alps. I could definitely do worse than playing here. I'm slightly intrigued, as they have a somewhat young franchise. I could see myself starting and playing with Davos as early as next season. I wouldn't be completely against Davos as a destination, but I haven't had much in the way of communication with them as of yet. I kind of low key dig the whole football club thing they've got going on as well. 


Helsinki Titans


Now, this is a crispy brand. Love the color scheme and uniforms, and it's right up the road from my home in Copenhagen in Finland. Well, not really RIGHT up the road, but it's still in the same general vicinity. I'd really enjoy playing for the Titans, and I think that my skillset would be welcomed as part of their next wave of players. They finished 3rd in the VHL standings as well. This is a strong squad. 100% all in on Helsinki. 


Malmo Nighthawks


This is got a lot going on - it looks like an eSports franchise logo. It's located in Sweden, which is literally Denmark's neighbor, so I'd have to say that I'd be okay with repping the lime green, green and navy blue. It's not my #1 destination, but I'd be happy to play there. They finished 8th in the standings so I'd have a chance to be part of their return to glory. 


Moscow Menace


It's only fitting that the Moscow based VHL franchise is run by a guy named Victor. I have a feeling if I spoke out publicly against him, I'd be sent to the gulag. Moscow finished 5th in the VHL standings are are another fresh brand. The logo is modern and really pops with some strong perspective. I'd be ok with shipping out to Communist Russia to lace em up for Victor and the Moscow gang. 


Riga Reign


Frans Ellers - my Latvian name if I ended up in Riga. Is their logo a fox? I can't really tell. Anyways, Ace the user has some strong Latvian heritage and I'd be honored to play for the Reign. Riga finished 2nd in the standings last season so it'd give me a great opportunity to be with a contending franchise. I'd be all about that, for sure. 


There isn't really a European team that I dislike regarding their branding. That's a good thing - I'd mostly prefer to stay in Europe closer to my family than to ship back out to North America. That's the beautiful thing about a draft though, anything can happen. I can't wait to see how it all shakes out, and what jersey I'll be wearing for next season!


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