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Logan LeBlanc's Rookie Profile [1/2]


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Name: Logan LeBlanc

Age: 18

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 160 lbs

Position: LW

Birthplace: Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada


Logan LeBlanc was born in the little city of Bathurst, in Canada. LeBlanc is the second youngest of his 3 other brothers, so he was constantly trying to stand out. This shows in his play style. LeBlanc is a flashy, but hardworking player. When he's having a good game, you'll see him all over the score sheet. But if he's not in a good vibe, Logan ends up being frustrated and not producing well. Fortunately, these kind of games don't happen often, because of LeBlanc's perseverance. It's not easy to get under his skin, but when he's annoyed, it's impossible for him to get over it.


LeBlanc excels mostly on the offensive end. He is consistently on the scoresheet because of 3 main strengths :

  • Shooting LeBlanc stands out from the other players with his quik and precise wrist shot. He can really punish out of position goalies by shooting right where they can't stop it. He also has a decent slap shot, but he goes more for the wrist shot. He is a decent goal scorer that almost gets a goal a game.
  • Passing : Logan is also a player that is able to create plays very easily. He knows very well when to shoot it on net and when to pass it around. LeBlanc is a generous teammate even if he likes to score. If the shoot is unlikely to score, LeBlanc will rather pass it around than try his luck.
  • Puck Handling : LeBlanc's third biggest strength is also something that helps him out on the offense. He displayed many that his sweet hands. He can get passed defensemen quite easily in the offensive zone.


Well,no one is perfect, and LeBlanc is no exception. He's got 3 main weaknesses.

  • Strength : LeBlanc isn't really a strong guy,  he actually shaped like a stick. Quite tall, but not really built, with only 160 pounds. So, after an hit, he probably won't be standing up on his skates. It's something he will need to work on if he wants to play in the big leagues.
  • Checking : This one kinda goes hand in hand with the other weakness. Because LeBlanc is a lightweight, he can't really hit hard. He can only do little bumps to other players. Even worse, he sometimes tries so hard to hit that he ends up taking himself out rather than taking out the other player. Not really what you want in defense. 
  • Fighting : It's not that much of a big deal, but LeBlanc is not really a fighter. He's never really done it on the ice and he doesn't plan on doing it. If it ever happens, it was purely impulsive and probably dumb


Now that we've seen a brief profile of Logan LeBlanc, we can have a better view of who he is on the ice. He looks to be promising in the offensive zone, but he will have a lot of work to do on the physical side if he wants to make it in the big league. Regardless, he's still looking to be a decent prospect.


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