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VHLM playoffs recap with a small dish of complaining hedgehog


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I'm not sure how long this will get, but since I won't have time let's have some fun quickly breaking down what's going on in the VHLM playoffs.
In the first round, Philadelphia lived up to their expectations and swept San Diego but gave up a couple goals more than they probably should have.
Las Vegas managed to take game one over Ottawa in a 4-3 win, but then proceeded to get swept through the next four and out like they probably should have. The two more surprising matchups where Houston vs Minnesota and Halifax vs Yukon.
Well Minnesota was favoured over Houston even as their GM I did not expect to sweep Houston in for games. They struggled in two games and couldn't pick either I'm the one goal games.
In the Halifax vs. Yukon series, Yukon were expected to be favourites in five or six games. Instead we witnessed Halifax take three out of four one goal games as well as blow them out of the water 7 to 1 in game 2.

Round two expected much tighter series but neither made it to game 7. Halifax struggled against Ottawa as expected and lost out at 6 games. They dropped the first two games in a score of 8 to 1 and 6 to 4. The next four games are actually tight hard-fought but they couldn't last past the strongest team in the league.
Probably the biggest surprise of the playoffs, Minnesota beats the defending champions Philadelphia in just five games. While every game was kept very close, Philadelphia only managed to pick up game 3 on a 3-2 win in Minnesota.

The finals were always expected to be between Ottawa, Philadelphia and Minnesota so to see it be auto of versus Minnesota isn't a huge surprise but a lot of people are expecting last year's repeat of Ottawa vs Philadelphia. As it stands right now Minnesota's GM made a weird decision of playing the fourth line for about 14 minutes both game 1 and 2 of the finals, but only giving the third line about 4 minutes each game. we'll have to see if he regrets that decision after dropping both games. (Fuck STHS)
As a fan we hope the series goes to game 7, as a GM I hope to pull off the counter sweep and take them in 6. Either way the winner this year will deserve it as both teams put up a hard fight throughout the season and playoffs.

Now that my main articles done here's a small rant about STHS. Why the fuck does 1/4 line set to 0% ice time get 14 minutes in a game while the third line that set to 15% gets three! at this rate I'm going to strip the players off the fourth line and see if that helps cuz why the fuck. More so why did it choose playoffs to do this and not on regular season when I also ran this. if we can at least pull back and make this a serious I'm going to be a bit livid. At least I will still have a shot at GM of the year.

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