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TLJ Waiting For The Draft


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TLJ Waiting For The Draft


It feels like a lifetime ago that Teemu Lehtinen Jr was a Houston Bull, however now being released by the VHLm team he is eagerly awaiting the VHL draft. He did not take the release to heart as he knew most likely that he would be ineligible to play in the VHLm next season and thus it made sense for his former team to release him. In the time that I have been released I have been adjusting to potentially playing the VHL. I have been focusing on both mental and physical aspects to the game as I will need to be able to keep up physically to athletes who have been playing professionally for a very long time. Keeping up both in strength and speed will help me with all issues I may have with inexperience and will inevitably make a difference for my franchise in the season as I will be a threat in some form. In addition, I have been talking with many coaches for how I can improve and eventually become a franchise piece for a VHL team. At the end of the day it is about winning championships and becoming a championship player is what I must do while waiting for the Draft. 

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