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ECN's "VHL Now!" 11th Edition "Vancouver, extensions and retirements!"


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ECN's "VHL Now!" 11th Edition 

"Vancouver, extensions and retirements!"


ECN's weekly article about VHL news and everything interesting in VHL is back again! This we will be looking at our Cup champions Vancouver Wolves, at few extensions that have been signed and  careers of those who are retiring! Brought to you by Frostbeard Entertainment


Wolfpack wins!


As a surprise to many Vancouver Wolves were the winners of S67 Continental cup! Both Helsinki and Vancouver were not ECN choice at who will win the cup, but it is clear that this season was truly a surprise. Lead by Beau Louth who was dominated all playoffs this season. With 28 points in 18 games played he solidified himself as a true playoff performer and should be receiving an unanimous vote for the Playoff MVP. It should be noted that his teammate Shawn Glade ranked 2nd in points these playoffs with 18 points in 18 games played. Yes, it is true, Louth had 10 more points these playoffs than the second best player. How crazy is that? Added to the success of that one player, we can't look away form the great play of Ismond Kingfisher. Even though he is not considered the best and the most consistent goaltender in VHL, it is clear that he was one of the reasons why Vancouver actually was able to push through truly tough defence of Calgary and Helsinki.




With many top teams signing their players to extensions already, we have to look at who and for what price is staying with their current teams. Toronto and Vancouver are both doing similar moves - singing their current players that helped each team in their own way - one to dominate regular season and to the other win Continental cup. This should not come as a surprise that people tend to stay with teams that allow them to be in a position where they can win. Out of all extensions signed there is one that made us at ECN very happy, a young player signing a lengthy contract with an expansion team shows that their GM is doing something right. We are of course talking about Jerry Garcia signing massive 5 year extension with a team that will be his home up til his own retirement. It is lovely to know that there are people who value things like loyalty and pride for their team over anything else. Good job Malmo. 




There are many players that will be retiring and leaving a long-lasting legacy here in VHL. Players like Oyorra ArroyoBeau Louth and Veran Dragomir were role models for many young and upcoming players in VHL. Both Oyorra Arroyo and Veran Dragomir are the players we will talk a bit more about. Think about it like this - you have two players coming to VHL in the same season - finished their careers with very similar career point totals, both were quality and reliable goal-scorers. One is a lot more physical player, the other never had a negative +/- season. The only real difference, a difference that will haunt ones career for ever are the awards. Veran Dragomir in his 8 season VHL carreer received only one award - Christian Stolzschweiger Trophy (ROTY). It is surely a real accomplishment, but it cannot compare with everything what Oyorra Arroyo received. O.Arroyo finished his career with 3 Continental cup wins (S62 with Calgary, S64 and S65 with Toronto), 2 Kevin Brooks Trophy wins (S64 and S65 for having the most goals in Regular season) and received 3 additional trophies in S65 (Brett Slobodzian Trophy, Scotty Campbell Trophy and Mike Szatkowski Trophy). All in all, O.Arroyo had a career that featured not only personal achievements but team accomplishments too. V.Dragomir had a quality career and he will be remember as a truly great player, just not as valuable as Oyorra Arroyo.


And that will be it for ECN's "VHL Now!" this week! We at ECN wish you all the best in this upcoming week and we truly hope you will enjoy every bit of time. Good luck for now and we hope to see you reading another one of our posts next week! See you around!



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