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(S69) D - Arktec Falk, TPE: 30


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1 minute ago, Arktec said:

Player Information

Username: Arktec

Player Name: Arktec Falk

Recruited From: Reddit

Age: 22

Position: D

Height: 76 in.

Weight: 210 lbs.

Birthplace: Canada


Player Page






Welcome to the league. Glad to have you here. If you have any questions let me and I will do my best to get you the info you need to succeed. 


Check out our discord it's really great.


Also Look at some of these links.

How to get started

New Member Forum

New Member Tutorial Video

VHLM Newsletter


One suggestion I have is to start talking to the VHLM GM's since the draft is coming up and maybe work on getting some TPE to show them you are ready to roll.

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Welcome to VHL Forum!
The next VHL minors draft is this coming weekend, lots of time to become familiar with the site and move up the draft board :)
I am the assistant GM of the Philly Reapers, we will certainly be scouting your progress. Let me know if you have any questions getting started.

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Welcome to the league! Glad to see a lot of new fresh faces in here. Anyways, the VHLM draft is this coming Saturday. My suggestion to you is to get some TPE into your player and start building up to make a strong case for being drafted high. Most of us VHLM GM's will be looking at that as well as have some conversations with you to get to know you and once you're drafted, you'll be offered a contract!


Anyways, if you have any questions at all, don't be afraid to reach out to me or anyone else in this thread. I can be available on Discord and on forum DM's.

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