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Guy Sasakamoose's Rookie Profile [1/2]


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Name: Guy Sasakamoose
Age: 23
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 220
Position: Defense
Handiness: Right
Birthplace: Duck Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada
Preferred #: 31


Guy Sasakamoose is a smooth skating defenseman who isn’t afraid to throw the body around. His physical presence at the blue line helps shut down the opposing offence. Given his size he is surprisingly quik on the skates allowing him to skate his way out of trouble. While not much of a shooter he is always looking for open passing lines to feed his teammates one timers and open up shooting lanes by moving the puck around.



  • Defense: Guy’s defensive IQ along with his stick skills allows him to control play in the defensive zone. He can consistently read the play and position himself to cut off the offensive attack. Guy can control the pace of the game from the blue line by knowing both went to attack and when to defend.


  • Strength: Guy uses his large frame to pinch of the attacking forwards. Using his strength he can protect the front of the net and battle off any annoying screen hampering the goalies vision. Guys favorite part of the game is battling it out in the corners where he has to use his physicality to win the puck.


  • Passing: Guy possesses many different passing abilities. From a long stretch pass to a one timer across the slot, he is always placing the puck right on his teammates stick. His passing skill really opens up the ice. Always looking to give his forwards that break out opportunity passing is one skill he is always working on and pushing further.



  • Scoring: Guy’s puck handling skills are much more in his passing game than his shooting game. While Guy is no slouch when it comes to slapping clappers from the blue line, it’s not his best skill. Both his shot strength and accuracy can be lacking at times. His blue line presence is one of a defensive nature not an offensive one. 


  • Discipline: Guy’s size often leads to some not so friendly contact. He isn’t afraid to throw a hit or two but those hits aren’t always the cleanest. It’s not that he tries to throw dirty hits but that his sizes sometimes gets the best of him.


  • Checking: Both guys stick and body checks can sometimes be lacking. He knows how to handle a puck but lacks the finesse to strip the puck from skilled players. Guy has the size to throw good body checks but lacks the knowledge to know when to throw those hits. It’s something he’s actively working on improving to help shut down defensive breakaways.


hockey jones GIF


Guy knows what his strengths are but also knows where he needs to improve. His skill building got off to a great start with his time at Notre Dame but knows his offensive game needs to improve. He has the size, he has the defensive skills, and with time he’s offensive skills will start to show as well. Guy is a solid defenseman that the VHLM should look out for. 

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