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Davos Making Moves


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The Davos Dynamo are officially contenders for the Season 68 VHL campaign after a string of moves from their GM over the past two days. Executive management was not pleased with how last season went and they made a commitment to the team and fans to bring in more talent and build a strong team to contend for the Cup. The team did a great job accumulating draft capital over the past few seasons while still remaining competitive and ultimately was able to convert those picks into veteran talent. Here are the moves:


Trade #1

Acquired: Shawn Glade (D), S68 VAN 1st 

Traded: S69 TOR 1st, S70 DAV 1st


The first move was to re-acquire veteran defenseman Shawn Glade from the cup champion Vancouver Wolves. The S62 Draft pick had 70 points for the Wolves in the regular season and will likely slot in on Davos' top pairing next season. It's unclear how many seasons he has, if any, beyond this upcoming one but adding one of the top tier defensemen in the VHL is always a strong move. 


Trade #2

Acquired: Elasmobranch Fish (D), S68 CAL 3rd 

Traded: S68 RIG 1st, S69 MAL 1st and Brandon LeBlanc (D)


The commitment to bolster the defense continued as Davos landed S65 defenseman Elasmobranch Fish from Calgary. The former 6th overall pick has been a consistent 50-60 point defenseman for Calgary and will add some much needed firepower and size to Davos' defense. The return was hefty, inclusive of 2 first rounders and one of Davos more promising prospects. But the time to win is now for Davos. 


Trade #3

Acquired: Rights to Matt Thompson (F) 

Traded: S69 NYA 2nd 


The last of the big three trades was one to acquire the rights to Matt Thompson; one of the most prolific goal scorers over the past six seasons in the VHL. Thompson is a pending UFA and Davos is currently in communication with his camp to try to strike a deal. He may sign, he may not; but this was a good risk to take for Davos to add the final piece to their offense. 




Consolidated Movement

Acquired: Rights to Matt Thompson (F), Elasmobranch Fish (D), Shawn Glade (D), S68 VAN 1st, S68 CAL 3rd

Traded: S69 NYA 2nd, S69 TOR 1st, S70 DAV 1st, S68 RIG 1st, S69 MAL 1st and Brandon LeBlanc (D)


Davos is locked and loaded. 

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