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Pearson Likely Expansion Target?


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After the Philadelphia Reapers were eliminated from the playoffs, Reapers Center Alex Pearson Revealed that he was playing through a wrist injury in the playoffs, A wrist injury that got progressively worse and has kept him out of offseason training so far, but after a recent interview he seems optimistic about being ready for next season.


”I feel great, A lot better. I’ve started doing some exercises myself and rehab is almost over, a lot faster then it was supposed to, so I think I’ll be ready.” 



The Young Forward is expected to make the jump to the vhl next year, and Although he was drafted by Helsinki, he could be destined for a expansion team. The titans likely aren’t going to protect him, and due to his age, and his recent explosive season in the vhlm, he will likely be a prime suspect for an expansion team.


”i know I wasn’t protected, I love the titans but I know it’s just buissness, obviously I’d be happy to stay if I wasn’t picked. either way, the titans were a class act and it was an honour to just be drafted by them. It would be cool, obviously I love helsinki But an expansion team is a pretty cool storyline.”

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