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  1. Claiming week Feb 1 to Feb 7
  2. Claiming week January 25 to January 31
  3. Jayrad28

    TOR/SEA; S76

    Welcome to DA BEARZ
  4. As a Canadian I would love a Montreal team, and I’m sure most would agree.
  5. Rykers first career goal!
  6. 19.I’m Predicting at least 35 wins, prob 40. Anything more is just gravy 20. I’m hoping something like 15 Goals and 25-30 assists, but we’ll see how she’s goes. 21.The Russian love machine could be a real dark-horse for MVP. 22.Honestly no idea, but hopefully one of the Bears. 23. Rara Rasputin 24.Prauge, prob not actually but maybe Warsaw or someone 25. Hopefully us!
  7. Woah traded twice in two leagues in 48 hours, is that a record or something?
  8. 3. Love the addition of the lover of the Russian Love Machine. He’s gonna be deadly for us and help lead us back to cup glory 5. Shocker, but I love a good underdog story. 7. Severly bummed I can’t play with Ricer, he was my GM in Miami and a great teammate. 10. I think middle of the road as we retool but we will definitely make the playoffs. 14. Get absolutely obliterated and forget who I am. 15. Homemade chicken Tacos, they were delicious 17. I hope something bear related, otherwise that’s just stupid. 18. W
  9. The most anticipated piece of satire each offseason!
  10. Playoffs for sure, and it’s a crapshoot once we get there and I’ve always been good at shooting crap