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  1. Tate is gonna have like 100 assists, Gawddamn
  2. Is meth an approved substance in the VHL?
  3. No just make it up it’s all fantasy
  4. Review: Solid writing, really interesting. Not enough words, should add another paragraph about childhood and playing with me buddy! Great job tho
  5. Review: Really short but funny at parts. The whole neighbor thing cracked me up, add some more about childhood and maybe some pictures and it’s mint!
  6. Review: Hilarious. Danny devito is gonna be a hockey legend. Love the part about the Nigerian Prince! Maybe some more on his hockey career!
  7. Review: Great to have you as a teammate, it’s good to have friendly competition for that second line spot! Great bio!
  8. Review: Good read, Nice sentence structure and punctuation.
  9. Review: Great read, Can’t wait to see the overweight drunk on skates. I love the drawing, hopefully he can find the fountain of youth!
  10. 1. Canada 2. Europe 3. Asia 4. Teagan Glover
  11. When the San Diego Marlins signed Alex Pearson he was penciled in as a 3rd/4th liner with decent potential, but he’s worked his way into a top 6 spot this season. Playing on the second line with teammates Dalton Wilcox and David Clarkson Pearson Struggled early, but has slowly been improving through the season. He currently has 14 points in 22 games,6 Goals 8 assists which is nothing to write home about, but he’s been playing a lot better and more consistently recently. His forecheck is getting better, His skating is finally up to par and his defensive game is slowly improving. Hopefully his shot works it way back and he begins to pot more goals which is what the Marlins would love to see. His line mates have been stellar and carried that line for the early parts of the season but Pearson finally looks like he’s figuring everything out and slowly becoming comfertable. Hopefully the Marlins can make a rather big push for the playoffs and a deep run would certainly make them one of the more successful expansion teams.
  12. Feel free to post Questions below and I’ll awnser them in upcoming podcasts!
  13. 1.Pretty good, could be better but I’m happy with it so far. Could score a few more goals though 2. For sure I think we can. We have enough skill depth and talent to compete with the big names and make the playoffs. 3.Tannahill and Tate. Those 2 have been lighting it up recently, really helping us shoot up the standings. 4. Probably Halifax, Mississauga and Houston. I love pretty close to Halifax and I’m a big Gaudette fan. 5.Nothing really maybe more ways to get TPE just like 1 or 2. 6. Brendan Gallagher because he’s one of the most likeable guys in my opinion. Plays with heart and works his ass off every single game. That’s why I want my guy to be.