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  1. Prague, Czech Republic The inaugural season for the Prague phantoms went as expected, as Prague finished dead last in their conference with a record of 23-40-9. They had a startling -87 Goal differential which was second last to their expansion counterpart the DC Dragons. But their are still many hopeful signs for Prague as they enter their second season in the European conference. Signs for optimism While the phantoms did have a rather dreadful season overall, their were many things about their season that showed promise. 7 Players finished with 50 points or more which shows that they have the depth to be competitive, and we’re seeing more teams struggle with that aspect of the game. Recent cup winner Seattle equates their success to their tremendous roster depth that allowed them to roll 3 Potent lines throughout the playoffs, Prague is hoping they can do the same. They have some new faces on the blue line, where they struggled last season. They lost no one and gained future superstar Cinnamon block, as well as hungry prospect Pierre Persson and Jacob Perry. They also added mark Gerbauer at forward to replace the veteran presence of Bert Meyers. Many of the players on Pragues roster are rather young, and will look to improve on their successful rookie season. The one area that is a definite question mark is goaltending. They drafted Solomon Crawford, who looks like a future starter in net, but is still a year or 2 away from being a difference maker. They traded for Owen May, a veteran goalie who will likely be the stopgap incase Crawford falters. Overall Prague has a strong roster with very respectable depth, and if the team continues to grow and develop they will definitely be serious contenders in the upcoming season’s.
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