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  1. @BladeMaiden @Jubo07 @InstantRockstar All these guys would be amazing candidates for the job! They’re all so active in the LR I can’t keep up and I can see them easily build a championship VHL team
  2. Philadelphia Reapers forward Alex Pearson, currently leading the team with 23 points. The Philadelphia Reapers are off to a hot start to the season, sitting at 10-2-1 The Young group of players hope to make another strong playoff push and push for a repeat championship. Draft Gem Alex Pearson has taken the role of second line Center and ran with it, behind sheltered behind 2 way Forward Scotty BigShotty. Pearson has spent most of his time On a line with RJ Lloris and Bud Knight, and they have been very effective, In most area’s. Pearson is a spark plug. He is feisty, gritty and isn't afraid to get his nose dirty to score some Garbage goals here and there.But it’s thay tenaciousness and Ferocity that has landed him in the sinbin for more then he’d like to admit. He landed a fighting major Early on, and had racked up some stupid penalty’s in Key Points of the game. He’s leading the league with 31 Penalty minutes so far this year. If he wants to continue to be used in a elevated role and keep up his dynamic offensive production, which is really helping the reapers. It is likely this lack of discipline in his play that has him cemented in the second line with little chance of moving up the lineup. If he wants more ice time he will need to tighten up his game quite a bit. Especially down the stretch as they get closer to the playoffs, His penalties could prove to be costly.
  3. F-Peter McPunchface D-D-Fence g-Doggie Door
  4. 1. The whole team has been solid. Some shaky play in net but it’s still early in the year. 2.Id say I’m a fiesty leader. I like to lead by example. 3. I’m always a half an hour early for practice and I ya stay late to have the rink to myself. 4.Either Condor or Fang. Me and Scotty and kinda close since we are former teammates which is nice to have. 5. Pretty happy, we’re second in the league, and I’m having a pretty solid season. 6.Pretty good. Wish we were first though. 7.Absolutely. I pride myself on my work ethic, I always push myself to get to where I wanna be and what I wanna achieve. 8. I do, I’m a pretty scrappy aggressive player. 9.how to raid Area 51 10.Build through the draft, trade for draft picks and rebuild until I build a championship team. 11. I think I fit well on the second line, I’ve embraced the role. 12.Maybe, but Idk if the cage will contain him...
  5. F-Oyorra Arroyo D-Ryan Sullivan jr @jRuutu
  6. The Philadelphia Reapers were expected to be a very talented team. With returning veterans such as Dylan Doyle, Scotty Bigshotty, Duncan Jeffers and Brandon LeBlanc. They also infused their team with a ton of talent through the Dispersal Draft. They added Their Captain Condor Andrienne. The rest of the team was also Infused with young promising Talent, Especially a rather controversial 1st Round pick in the past Draft. (Reapers Center, Alex Pearson) At Number nine the Reapers Selected Center Alex Pearson, A rather controversial pick as he only had 36 points the past season, But The Reapers Scouts saw alot of promise and took a flyer on a long shot, and it has paid dividends. He’s leading the league with a staggering 12 points in 4 games. He has been fantastic to start the season, and has been a huge factor to why the Reapers are 4-0. His line mates, RJ loris and Case Martell have also been very productive, Lloris has 6 points in 4 games, and while martell only has 2, hrs been a very effective force on that second line. As the marlins hope to continue to steamroll the competition as the season progresses, you have to wonder if the young forward will be able to keep his MVP Pace for the season.
  7. Damn I lit up my old team. Great job guys!