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  1. @Seabass Hows your day going bud?
  2. 1.Trying to get that tpe and working a lot. 2.Probably Ottawa, they have like 5 players and 2 of them are goalies lol 3.Mcjake. But wing could also push for contention. 4.Nah I think it’s McJakes award to lose honesty 5.Right handed, and same, I actually play right wing irl in beer league and when I played minor 6.A NHL Season...With a solid montreal Canadiens team
  3. The season 74 VHLM champions face an uphill battle to get back to where they were last season. They snuck in as the last seed in the eastern conference and rode their waiver signings all the way to the cup. General manager Kris Rice had made some pretty genius moves this offseason to get the team back to their greatness. First let’s have a look at some of the returning members who have some championship exper D-Chicken Wing @chikn Wing exploded on the VHLM Scene in his second season, scoring 69 points, 40 assists and 29 goals, which is remarkable for a def
  4. 1.Pretty stoked, even though they’re a young team they’ve already won a cup and they might do it again this year! 2.Hopefully near the top of the league. We have tons of talent on this team. 3.I’m shopping for 100Pts. I’ve worked hard this offseason to train so hopefully it pays off. 4.All of them, especially me. 5.Les Montréal Canadiens 6.Not reeeally. Kinda football, but mainly I’m a hockey super nerd
  5. Ryan Ryker was a very interesting prospect leading up to the draft. He had the skill set and workmanship that a lot of the top prospects had, but he played in a very poor Houston team, looked terrible defensively, putting up a -44 in his rookie season. That may have been why is stock fell. Early in the season Ryker was pegged to go somewhere in the late first round of the VHL Draft, he slowly slid into the second round projection, by no fault of his own, just players below his having excellent seasons. At the conclusion of the VHLM Season, Houston missed the playoffs, and
  6. Ryan Ryker, the young rookie for the Houston bulls this past season, and one of the highly touted prospects for this weekends drafts, was visibly calm in the stands shortly before the draft begins at 5Pm EST. Beside him in his longtime girlfriend and his family, as well as mentor and player agent, Alex Pearson. we caught up with Ryker to ask him some questions shortly before he went to the stands to take his seat with his family. Rep:You seem a lot calmer than most prospects today, why is that? RR: I am nervous as hell I’m just good at hiding it, plus I have my f
  7. With Michigan going blue Biden needs one more state to win.
  8. Exactly, except we have forward depth lol