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  1. His heart stopped and you could see the doctor doing cpr...Hope he gets to return and go out on his own terms
  2. So sad to hear. Never knew the guy that we’ll but could always tell he was a really friendly/Down to earth guy. We should rename a trophy (Or create a new one) in honour of this wonderful mans legacy
  3. Gonna miss our drives to the games together bro!
  4. After being one of the top scorers on the Prague Phantoms last season, Center Alex Pearson has struggled this season so far for the phantoms. He’s been moved from wing to Center multiple times and had many different linemates, he just can’t seem to get his game back to where it was last season. He’s shown his frustrations on the ice as well, missing golden scoring opportunities he would’ve scored last season. He currently sits 6th in points on the team, certinly not where he wanted to be after a offseason of hard work and training. We managed to stop to talk to him after their most recent loss to The second last place Toronto leigon. “Obviously it’s frustrating, A couple of us aren’t having he kind of seasons we want and I’m in the boat. We’re struggling to score, we just gotta find something that works and we havnt really yet.” If Prauges struggles continue, Perhaps a trade could be made, they have some of the best defensive depth in the league, and could potentially use some of it to shore up the offense if it continues to struggle the way it has.
  5. Just keep working hard and those number will get better!