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Samuel Ross Declares for the VHL Draft


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  It seems weird that on a 90 degree day with a hurricane churning not far away hockey is on someone’s mind.  Word has just been sent by Samuel Ross’s agent, Brrbis Brr that Ross will declare for the VHL draft.  Ross released this statement just minutes ago.

       After hours of thoughts and prayers I have decided to continue to pursue my dream of playing professional hockey in the VHL.  Although I did have the option to be a major star in the VHL minor system, I feel like I have gotten as much as I could have accomplished at that level.  I also would not want to take a spot away from an aspiring star just to be dominant in the minors.  That is not what the minors mean to me.  I would like to thank my now former GM AcydBurn for giving me a contract, a chance and being a straight up guy with me.  I would like to thank my Ottawa teammates for a great season and memories that I will cherish until the end.  Not many players win championships in their rookie seasons and that is something to be proud of.  I know I have a long road ahead of me and I am going to struggle.  I hope that any general manager that is willing to draft me realizes that also.  I am not afraid of hard work and I’m not afraid of being a good teammate.  Thank you

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