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S67 VHLM Rookie Punching Bags


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As the VHLM draft draws near, let's take a look back at some of the rookies of S67 who took a beating. Hockey is always a physical sport and last season was no different. Last season the top 10 hitters threw a combined 2,205 hits. It seems some players were bigger targets than others. A few rookies entered the VHLM to some heavy hits on the ice. Here’s a look at a few of the rookies that took the brunt of the hits in 67 season.


Liam Rooney
Liam Rooney was a center for the Mississauga Hounds. Coming in a respectable 6’ and 220 lb., this 16 year rookie took beating last season. Liam came in at the 7th most hit player by receiving a grueling 233 hits. The worst part about this is Liam only played in 44 games. Hopefully that beating won’t turn him away from having a successful season next year.


Balentine Kidd
Another center from the Mississauga Hounds, Baletine Kidd comes in at 6’ 1” and 194 lb. This 16 year old rookie from Great Britain was hit a whopping 229 times last year. This places them 8th on the top hits taken last year. It seems Mississauga was a target for the other teams.


Kaspars Claude
Kaspars didn’t take a beating till the playoffs in season 67. Standing at 6' 3" and 215 lb, Kaspars larger size made them a target while playing for the Minnesota Storm last year. Coming in at the 2nd most hit player during the S67 playoffs with 44 hits taken. Taking those hits seemed to pay off by helping his team get to the S67 Founder's Cup Finals.


I’m sure S68 will bring even more hits. Let’s hope the rookies this year can put up with the bruises.

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