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Sven Nyckel responds to leaked interview


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As some of you may be aware, Sven Nyckel is a prospect in the upcoming. The Swedish born defenseman was recently involved in an itnerview with a North American hockey magazine that the magazine, together with Nyckel's agant, decided to scrap. However, it was leaked just a few days after the decision was made, no doubt by a disgruntled employee and possibly one of the men who went to see Sven in his hometown (personally, my money is on the man who stepped in the cow manure but I digress).


Nyckel was recently asked to comment on the leak by a local Swedish newspaper. The following is a translated transcript of the his response. 


“Yeah you know what can you do. I don’t think it was that bad. I mean, what did they expect? To roll in on a damn räkmacka* and spend the day at a spa or something? They wanted to come and meet me they said and that’s what happened. Either way I don’t want to think it was bad. They were nice guys. I’d invite them over again. Although I didn’t really like the offhand comment dissing Meduza. That was uncalled for. He’s a legend. Anyway, they are welcome back any time. And honestly, I really liked the photo they took of my car. Do you think I could get them to send me a bigger version of it?”


The response continued on for some time, where Sven began talking about his Car, posters in his room and the importance of owning a pair of proper boots.


*Räkmacka - Directly translated it means a shrimp sandwhich. In Swedish it is often used as a synonym for having an easy time.

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