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Offseason Outlook


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With so much going on ever since the finals of both the VHL and VHLM took place, Kaspars Claude has been overwhelmed. 


"My phone keeps on blowing up" said Claude. "I just can not keep up with what has been taking place in the league. There has been a lot of news regarding the performance of the season, the awards show, the expansion teams and even their draft has already taken place. I wanna relax in Hawaii for a bit, take my mind off of things. Not really gonna sip my pina colada and think about playing hockey."


With the draft only a couple days away, Kaspars has been really unaware of what teams will take him. There are a lot of possibilities in the league and with the season he had, he slowly slowly crept up into the top 15-20 mark of players. He seems to have a good reputation around the league, especially considering he was traded from Mexico City to Minnesota. 


"I am genuinely surprised that I have not even been contacted yet about joining a team. Im on vacation, so I won't have my agent contact teams to see what they think of me. If they have interest, they would contact me. I would be happy wherever I fall but I feel like a GM that wants me on their team would show me a little love. Or is that not allowed per league rules? I do not know, get me another beer and let us enjoy the beach a little"


Kaspars got into his speedo and went and lie down in the sand.

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