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  1. Love your stuff man! The depth you create is insane
  2. The post was removed but I was able to comment and upvote it
  3. Not sure if it was mentioned already but the post was removed for the Chicago one @Beaviss
  4. Bruins10

    MIN/MCK: S67

    Did someone just get traded for nothing?
  5. After finally deciding to return to the VHL, Claudio decided that the Mexico City Kings would be the best bet for him to have a chance at showcasing his talent. The VHL is a serious deal and when it comes to the TPE difference between players, Kaspars Claude really does fall back on the ladder. Settling into Mexico City was not easy, especially considering that Kaspars grew up in the south of Italy. The climate is the only thing that is the same, and also the fact that they both speak sexy languages when picking up women. But, it has been a really tough transition and settlement into the VHLM. The Mexico City Kings are the only team that have yet to win a game as of 10:30 and the team is trying to find answers. The fact that our goaltender, CPU Bot, barely knows how to skate, and that our depth chart is as thing as a pubic hair, battling for 60 minutes will be easy, but battling for a win will be tough. Hanging around in the city of Mexico has really brought in some thoughts, and that is to change sport and start playing soccer. Mexico and Italy both have a lot of pride in their national teams for the sport of Calcio, as pronounced in Italian. And well, the easiest part about the sport is the fact that you could show off your muscles in a tight little shirt infront of the chicitas and also takes about 3 minutes to get ready. You get a nice tan as you kick the ball around and you are on the pitch a lot longer. Very possible we see Kaspars hang up the skates and pick up a pair of cleats at the local flea market. (This is a joke I am not hanging up the skates)
  6. 1. What inspired your player's name? Well my real name is Claudio and my friends call me Claude so that was the last name. The first name was because I was looking for some sort of Latvian name in the SHL and went on a generator. Liked the name Kaspars and chose that one for my Latvian player on there. Cool name, so I kept it. 2. What's been your favorite part of the league so far? Getting to see some old faces again. Crazy how many people left from Season33, was thinking most people would have stuck around 3. What's been your least favorite part of the league so far? Having to start from scratch lol. Everyone wants their player to be good, and mine is far from it 4. Do you have any questions about the league that you would like answered? Honestly no. The thing I like the most is the notifications that we all get. Really makes sure no one misses anything 5. For our S67 players, do you plan on going up to the VHL, or staying down? For our S68 players, or S67 players going back into the VHLM draft, which team do you think will pick you up? Which team do you hope will pick you up? I was lucky enough to be the one that had the choice of where to land or not, so I chose Mexico City on my own. When it comes time to the VHL, I couldnt care less. I still have an attachment and some feelings to Helsinki cause thats a team I GMed and played for. 6. The VHL currently offers a bit of bonus TPE for being involved in our affiliates, the SBA (basketball league) and the EFL (American football league). Have you heard about this? If you have, have you considered joining those leagues? If you came here from either league, how does the VHL compare to the others? I have heard about them but unofrtunately I have no time to be in the SHL, VHL and any other league. RIght now I will enjoy the ride here and see where it takes me
  7. 56 Helsinki Titans 57 Toronto Legion 58 Malmo Nighthawks 59 Seattle Bears
  8. @73MPL4R would love to add another body to the mix in Mexico City. Dont be shy, join us
  9. Bruins10

    OTT/LVA: S67

    @ontanis is that who I think it is.....