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  1. life got into the way, wont be able to submit any of these guys. im really sorry
  2. With the season going smoothly for the DC Dragons, we decided to catch up with one of their new players. Well, in reality, they are all new players since they are an expansion team. I meant let us check up on one of the new rookies of the team, Luciano Valentino. Uhmmm I mean Kaspars Claude. Whoever made ther script for this news piece deserves to be fired cause they were either sleeping or drunk when they made it "Well, that was one way to bring us into the frame here eh FOX Sports. Wow, for a company that seems to have everything under controlled, you look as lost as the Dragons out there in the Offices" Kaspars jokes. "Honestly, it has been a long season, but it was expected. We are building chemistry and we are making sure we keep our heads up out there. The games are very close, so many of them do not even finish in 60 minutes. It shows we are improving and that we are going to have the talent to compete in a couple years." "Let us be realistic here, D.C. was not going to compete in their first season. Maybe not even the second. But, if we keep on putting time on the practice, and we keep improving as players, we will continue to grow and improve as a squad. I see us being a dangerous squad in a couple seasons. Remember that" Kaspars walks off casually, into his honda civic. He is gearing up for the winter with his winter beater, I think he stored his lambo or whatever else he drives "I DRiVE A G WAGON" you hear Kaspars in the distance. *20 minutes later, we saw Kaspars pulled over on the side of the road, his Civic was on fire*
  3. I am pretty sure I have not used this for the Graphics submission
  4. 1. Who's your pick for the Continental Cup this year? Havent really followed other teams other than the Dragons but Ill just go and say Moscow 2. What's the best logo in the VHLM and why? The Mississauga one is so creative, I like everything about it. The colors especially 3. Does your player miss anything about their home city/country? My home city right now is DC 4. If someone was a tourist in your home city, what's the first thing you would tell them to check out? The authentic restaurants in the outskirts. 5. Music or no music in the locker room between warmup and puck drop? I like music, but without lyrics. Hate playing games when there is a song stuck in my head 6. What's your favourite holiday? Christmas, because you get more days off
  5. Honestly it was close for me to. I didnt think the voting would have went the way it did tbh, that helsinki one is very well done and also a better representation of a mobile wallpaper
  6. 1. We're piling up a few wins now, is this a good or bad thing for the franchise? How is winning a bad thing? Enough said 2. We've lost our first two matchups against our fellow expansion team in Prague, how do you feel about that? It is what it is. Both teams are built in different ways, they just seem to have our number. 3. Your GM recently made a minor move to bring in goaltender Pouta and defenseman Drumm from Vancouver, who won this deal and why? The players did, they joining the Dragons which is amazing. 4. If you had to relocate one team from the EU conference to the NA conference and vice versa, who would you move and where would you move them? I wouldnt want to move anything. It works fine right now. If it aint broke, am i right? 5. Does your player have a pregame routine? Pre workout shake, banana and a peanut butter sandwich 6. How do you feel about your player's VHL/VHLM season so far? Im doing alright, I would have hoped for better stats but its all part of the process.
  7. 175 Riga Reign 176 D.C. Dragons 177 Helsinki Titans 178 Prague Phantoms
  8. 100 Helsinki Titans 101 Vancouver Wolves 102 HC Davos Dynamo 103 Riga Reign